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    I want to try to get a home loan and car loan. My credit score is 527!! : ( i still have 1,500 in debt to pay off. and only one 1400 limit credit card that is all paid up and i always pay on time. What do i need to do to get a loan and do you think ill stand a chance to get any type of loan without a outstanding interest rate?

    Chances are slim to none that you will qualify for any traditional loan. You may qualify for a sub-prime loan which means higher interest rates and potentially more money down. $1500 in debt with a $36,000 salary does not explain such an abysmal credit score. You need to work on getting your credit up to at LEAST 620 and preferably over 700. There are loads of websites that give free tips on how to do this (pay off your loans, be on time with credit payments, build credit via store credit cards, etc). You also need to work on saving a 20% downpayment. Once you get that credit score fixed, you could qualify for about $100k in mortgage or about a $125k house (with 20% down).


    Uh...you are not going to bundle a mortgage with a car/personal payoff loan. Does not work that way. With a 527 credit score, no one is going to touch you for either a home loan or an unsecured personal loan to payoff cards.

    You don't need a loan... Suck your dad off for £10 each time. You will make the money soon enough.

    Hardly to do that, But you can still get a loan if you make money 100 thousands a year or more. Missouri you can have someone to be a co-signer - co-signer means responsible for the payment if you did not make the payments.

    All you need is a gun. than go to bank and ask them for money. this way you don't have to give them back AND you can get more money than that.

Do longer-term loans have a much higher interest rate?

  • Aniya Goyette
    Aniya Goyette
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  • Gwendolyn Hudson
    Gwendolyn Hudson
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  • Brian Schmitt
    Brian Schmitt
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