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    I had a existing loan balance of $27.00, I applied for a loan of $500.00 to pay a bill I really needed to pay. I requested UP FRONT to pay the $27.00 the manager said ' well I'm going to take care of that right now, he proceeded to process my loan for $500. When I went to make my first payment of 49.00 my receipt read balance over $1,000.00 and did not state the amount of the amount of the loan or ask me if the interest was ok. I asked him about it and he said well I financed it for 36 months and you can pay it off quicker by doubling on the payments. I am 72 yrs. old and disabled and had previous loan with them with no problem PLEASE WHERE DO I REPORT THIS AND CAN I HAVE THE TERMS OF THE LOAN CORRECTED. I BELIEVE THE LOAN WAS FIRST DUE Missouri JUN 2013. would an attorney help?

    Report what??? Did you bother to READ the contract you signed? That contract included all the terms, including the interest rate. What terms are wrong that you want to change? If you want to save money on the interest, make additional payments marked for principal only. That will pay off the loan faster and save a ton of interest. This seems to be a very high interest rate loan. If you make 36 payments of $49, you will be paying $1764 for that $500 loan. Even an extra $20 per month will cut back that interest.

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    You did not read the loan agreement prior to signing the agreement. You also did not ask what the interest rate was. Payday loan companies and similar loan companies charge exorbitant interest rates. Apparently they made the loan for three years and tacked all the interest on up front. Go to your local Better Business Bureau and tell them what happened. If they can't help they will tell you who in the state to call. You signed the documents so more then likely you are liable for the loan. The only ground you have to stand on is that you were deliberately misled.

    Chill Flow. Did you call and ask them if you can change the terms of the loan since none of us would know that? Never hear of Tower but one google search, just now, showed them to be a place that is easy to get money from, then everyone bit**es when it comes to them expecting on time payments. CALL the office where you requested the loan and ASK!

    Shocked anyone gave you a loan in the first place. Only scammers would make loans to people on disability since these people are almost impossible to sue. Government benefits cannot be taken. Sites to post your complaint. Rip-off report.com and complatints.com Be clear with your situation. You can add to the thousands of complaints they already have on file. If not billions. And stop making loans, will ya?

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