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    Here is what I've been offered: EST Missouri State Grant: $3,736 EST U Promise Scholarship: $3,500 EST Federal Pell Grant: $5,550 EST Federal SEOG Grant: $500 EST Fed Direct Subsidized Loan: $3,500 EST Federal Perkins Loan: $1,500 EST Fed Direct Unsubsidized Ln: $2,000 EST Fed Dir PLUS (Parent) Loan: $1,900 For a total of $22,186 I don't know what any of this really means, as in the different loans and grants, but I don't want to risk getting in debt by taking out loans. My mom is near low income but we've lived a very frugal life and she has saved up CDs after my dad died 7 years ago, so it's at about $32,000 in one CD. I could live without the loans, but I'd rather not use all my CD's money. I'm trying to find a site so I can keep applying for more scholarships because I don't think I got as much non-loan offers as I could get. I know I can get more for some past incidents. BQ: What's a site that tests what odd scholarships are available (disabled parent, divorce, deceased parent, suicide survivor)?

    T-t morris gave it a good try but is wrong about a few things. First of all, every loan you are offered through FAFSA is a government loan. These are not private loans. The perkins loan is a very low interest government loan offered only to students who demonstrate financial need. If you accept any of the loan money you should accept this first because it has a lower interest rate than the others. The parents loans will not be yours. They are your parents loans and they are expected to pass a credit check and make payments while you are in school. Your parents probably don't want to take one out and with your CD you could definitely get by without a parent loan. Whether you should take out the rest of them depends on how much your tuition is. If you can pay your tuition, room and board, books, etc without taking out any loan money then great. But, if you still need more then you shouldn't use all of your CD money the first year. Take out the perkins loan and maybe the subsidized direct loan (aka stafford loan) first. Subsidized loans do not build up interest while you're in school (the perkins loan is subsidized as well). Decline the unsubsidized loan and parent loan and make up for it with your CD money.

    Ok so your schools tuition is $22.186 and u only receive about 11-12 thousand in grants & scholarships, this means you will absolutely have to get loans in order to pay the other $10 thousand, unless you are gonna pay that out of pocket. Parents plusloan is a loan your parents take out to help you pay for college. So when you graduate, they will be contacting your parents to pay for the loan. I don't know what the perkins loan is, but I do know it is not one of the governmet loans. Perkins & parent loans are pricate loans given by banks through the university. The other 2 loans are loans lend by the government to the school. Private loans can be tricky if you don't read the guidelines carefully. The bottom line is you will need to get loans, but I advise not to take the 2 private loans. Also try to apply to public state college instead of private colleges, they are cheaper.

    Should I use the loans that FAFSA offered me or should I just use my grants and scholarships might help

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