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    I'm taking out $33,000 in student loans this year so that I can attend the University of Kansas. I am a resident of the state of Oklahoma. I have done much research and have debated over the three schools, OU, TU, and KU, for the longest time now and without a doubt know wholeheartedly that KU is where I need to be next year.. I am a biology major with very strong intentions to attend medical school. I'm a very driven student and more than anything I want to do my undergraduate work at KU.. But at what point should the amount of out-of-state tuition and extreme debt outweigh the desire to pursue what I truly want? I am a senior in high school. I just turned 19. I'm young and obviously have no experience with such life choices. I am beginning to wonder if I am perhaps being to eager to pursue something that I may regret later in life.. What will KU mean to me ten years from now when I am out of school and as I spend every month busting my *** to finance and pay back my loan? What will I think? Will I tell myself it was worth it? Or will I wish I would have saved money by going to OU? I understand none of you have the power to tell the future, I'm just so distraught. I do not qualify for any kind of financial aid what-so-ever. My parents make far too much money, yet I am their 3rd child to be attending college next year and 1 of 6 children.. Understandably, they do not want to pay for out-of-state tuition. Also..Why the heck is out-of-state tuition so much money? Seriously..It's insanity. I'm afraid if I do not go to KU I am going to hate myself for not taking the chance but at the same time I am nervous about being in so much freaking debt. Any advice or personal experiences would be would be greatly appreciated. I really appreciate you for reading. Thank you for your time.

    33K for one year is insane. Do you realize that you will have to have a cosigner that will have to have a low enough debt-to-income ratio to cosign for you for that much all four years? Are they willing to do that for 33K x 4 = 132,000? Seriously, that means your loan payments upon graduation will be well over 1,500 a month. If you want to go to medical school, you need to realize that you should save your borrowing power for that. It would be terrible for you to spend all that money right away and not have any cash for medical school. THAT is when you really need the money for school. You should ALWAYS avoid borrowing your first two years of college. This is when most people drop out and then there you are a dropout with no job and no hopes of a job to repay that debt. Certainly not 33K worth for one year. Yikes! When I graduated with my MASTERS degree I owed 22,000 total for all 6 years. (Don't let anyone on here tell you "you are worth it!!!" and "borrowing for college is GOOD DEBT", because this is advice from a bunch of teeny boppers who haven't lived a real life yet and have no idea what it's like to be freezing because you have no money for the Gas bill). My friend, who was in the same boat as you... just HAD to move from Missouri to go to school at OU. She made the mistake of thinking they would charge her in-state after a year of living in OK. (They won't. Missouri won't do this for you either, btw) and so when she graduated she had a HUGE debt that I didn't have....... just because she HAD to ABSOLUTELY pay the most money possible for her degree. It's insane. You wouldn't drive across the state line just so you could pay 15.00 for a gallon of milk when you can buy one down the street for 2.50 would you? This is exactly what you are doing and it's insane. My friend has the exact same degree, and the exact same work experience as myself, and now while I have a nice house (which I'm building equity in every month) and nice cars and have all MY STUDENT LOANS PAID OFF. She is defaulted on all her loans and lives in a crappy rental house on the wrong side of the tracks. She is in debt up to their eyeballs with no hope of every paying off. I can (and have) walked into a car lot and say "I want that one" and drive away with in in an hour... she on the other hand, can't even rent an apartment because her credit is so bad. When her car breaks down it gets sit in the front yard with all the others. Broken down dreams of what her life has become. She will never pay off that 100K plus education she just HAD to have because she couldn't wait to get out of KS. She has doomed herself to never owning anything of any value (house, car, boat, vacation home, rental property for investments) that requires financing and will never have a house or a car or even get into a decent apartment complex because she can't pass the credit check. Listen, take this advise: The ABSOLUTE BEST college for ANYONE to attend is the one they can graduate from with the least amount of student debt. For you....., this is not KU. A degree is a degree, honestly. A month after you land that first "Dream Job" your boss isn't going to remember where you earned your degree from all they will remember is if you are doing your job. Remember LOTS of folks start the Pre-Med track, but few rarely get into medical school. If you start out borrowing 33K a year now, then you are going to end up just like my friend when your cosigners debt-to-income ratio gets too high to keep helping you. If i had a nickel for every kid who graduated from high school at the top of their class and got to college and absolutely BOMBED, I'd be rich. I'm not saying it's going to happen to you, but it does... a lot more often than you think. If you do the 33K that doesn't give you any room for mistakes and is way to much pressure on you. Consider OU or even OSU (it's a tad cheaper than OU), if you want the "brand name" Comprehensive University on your degree, but realize there are MANY regional schools in Oklahoma you can attend for WAY less. A biology degree is a biology degree, and just a way to get you into medical school. You can honestly get these and ANY school in Oklahoma (even community colleges) and don't let anyone tell you one university the biology department is better at one school than another, because it isn't. Why? Because what good is that brand name and all that training you get if you have to drop out after two years with 66K in debt because your cosigner was denied. I am often amazed when I find out so many students going off to some wickedly expensive school they often have a regional university within an hour from their house. LOL If you are from the Missouri portion of the State have you considered NSU or Rogers State? If you are from the SE part of the state have you considered SE? There is also ECU and several others that are a very affordable alternative to 33K a year. A YEAR!!! All of these schools I mentioned you can attend for well under 5,000 a year in tuition and fees. TU is a private school and unless you actually LIVE in Tulsa I wouldn't consider it. I do hear they give awesome fin aid packages, but unless you have already gone through the financial aid process for Fall, it's really too late for that now. Out of state tuition is more because all public colleges in their state like OU, OSU, get money from their respective state governments to help keep the tuition costs down. Private schools like TU do not. When someone goes to a school from another state, they don't pay those taxes and haven't already contributed to keeping costs down. That is why out of state and private schools are more money. Good luck, Hope it helps. If you live (and borrow) like a professional when you are a college student, you will live like a college student when you are a professional.


    I'm confident that you might find every financial answer at= loandirectory.info- RE I'm about to take out a $33,000 student loan. I'm nervous. Am I going to hate myself for this later? I'm taking out $33,000 in student loans this year so that I can attend the University of Kansas. I am a resident of the state of Oklahoma. I have done much research and have ...show more

    Hello there, It sounds like you are extremely determined to attend KU. If you believe that this is truly the right choice for you, I suggest that you go for it. In regards to debt... everyone and their uncle is in debt. I'm not saying it's necessarily healthy, but almost everyone will be in debt at some point. But it is manageable. Remember, you don't have to start paying it off until 6 months after you're finished all your schooling. And if you get a job while you're at school, you'll already be reducing your debt. Once you use your degree to get a job, you'll be able to gradually pay it off. A good friend of mine will be finally finishing his last payment on his student debt in two months. While at some points he thought there would be no end, he is extremely happy now, and feels a great sense of relief. And most importantly, he got to this point by using his degree to obtain a job. It sounds like you have great ambitions. Don't let the potential of debt keep you from realizing them. At the same time, however, remember that you are the only one who truly knows your situation. If you think there's any chance you'll drop out, or for any other reason regret your decision, then reconsider. You know in your heart what is right. Good luck. I hope you're happy, no matter what you choose to do!

    Is it $33,000 for one year or $33,000 every year for 4 years? $33,000 x 4 is over $100,000 for a BA. That is a lot of money. Consider also that for the first 3-4 semesters you are there you will be taking your general education requirements. I'm not saying do not go to Kansas, but what about attending a less-espensive school (like OU or wherever) for the first 2 years and then transferring to Kansas? My son was torn between attending school in Florida (at the in-state tuition rate) and Texas (at the out-of-state tuition rate) and once we put pen to paper and he saw what he would be required to pay back as a monthly payment he decided to stay in Florida and he really hasn't regretted that decision. Kansas will always be there for your last two years or for grad school. Good luck in your decision!

    33k does sound like a huge lump sum, and yes, it's very intimidating. But keep in mind that you don't have to pay it all at one go, it's not like you're going to write them a 33k check. You will pay it gradually over the years, and once you get a job and a steady paycheck, it will be easier to pay off. It just sounds like a big deal now because you're only 19. When you've graduated and gotten a salary, it will look smaller. Just be sure to keep your finances in check and don't buy unnecessary things. It's impossible to say how much KU will mean to you in 10 years time.. hell, how can we tell the future? What is important is for you to be sure what you want to do. Don't worry about the money for now. Be absolutely sure that you will do what you love. Once you turn what you love into what you do, the money will come in and it will all work out. As for choosing schools, it's unfortunate that education is so expensive now. It's probably a good idea to do your foundations in a cheaper school then go to an expensive graduate school just so you will have a prestigious alma mater in your resume. And sometimes I think that's why it's so expensive.. you're paying for a 'branded' school name for your resume. Maybe you can consider doing OU for your undergraduate and KU for your graduate work. That way you have a little bit of both.

    If that's where you want to go then do it. However, you cannot chicken out half way and you must have the determination to complete everything. You said you would hate yourself if you didn't choose kansas, so just chose Kansas. You do risk regretting the loan, but if not you'll regret not choosing your dream college. Schools also tend to be lenient on interest rates and do not force you to pay it back immediately. Also, the reason out-of-state tuition is so high is that the state expects you to take your knowledge and skills you learn in their college back to your home state and therefore charge you extra as a way to ensure more money is given to those who plan on using their degree in their home state.

    Early education is paramount in reducing student debt. HS students should be made aware of the high interest rates that private load companies charge. Teach them how to get the best deals on loans, books and other educational necessities. Most foreign students know these things and it's time that American students and their parents start picking up on some of these jewels of wisdom.

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    I went to a 50k a year private out of state College but only because the financial aid they gave me made it cheaper for me than my in state school! I only have 25,000 in student loan debt but still feel like Im going to spend a longggggg time paying it off... I would find a cheaper school.

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  • Melyna Schiller
    Melyna Schiller
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    Marcellus Effertz
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    Greta Hoppe
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    Junius Friesen
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