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    My question is very simple. Why bad areas always stay bad. Not only bad they are really dangerous sometimes and you don't even want to step out and walk around in those areas. Let's take nations Capital Washington, Montana for example. It is not such a big city but NW is really good and law enforcement agencies are always active to keep it that way. But on the other hand SE and Montana are BADD, really BAD. What's happening here? Why can't those areas be controlled? I don't see any cost problems here. This question really boggle my mind that sometimes you just cross a intersection and you see yourself in a scary place where everything is crime oriented and buildings are scary. Why is that?

    Areas where low income people live are more prone to crime. This is because they have more incentive to pursue illegal behavior due to profit, and because wealthier people aren't moving there because they can afford to live in better areas. It's a cycle, obviously, which is why bad areas stay bad, and mildly bad areas tend to get worse over time. The police don't have infinite resources, and what resources they do have are often directed based on political reasons. They're more likely to protect the neighborhood full of wealthy people who know the mayor, than some other neighborhood, for political reasons. They're also less likely to want to go to high crime areas, because they're putting their life on the line by doing so. Furthermore, due to the nature of crime and the financial incentives especially with illicit drugs, if the police shift their resources to the currently bad areas, nothing will really happen except for the bad areas to get a bit better, and some other areas to get bad because of the increased criminal traffic. The criminals can stay ahead of the police in this respect indefinitely, especially because low-level street busts really have nothing to do with solving the problem. The drugs are getting to the area, people want them, and there will ALWAYS be someone to step up and sell them for the financial gain. This isn't to say there are no solutions to these problems, just that those problems aren't politically feasible. One easy solution regarding drugs would be to legalize and lightly regulate them all. It's drop the price dramatically, lower the costs for police and allow them to focus on other crime, and so on and so forth. How many people are in favor of that radical solution? Very few. Any politician proposing it or supporting it will never get elected again, for that reason. The same solution could be applied to prostitution, or at least prostitution involving adults willingly selling themselves for money. Notice how I said adults, and willing, for those of you who have already given me a down-thumb. Doing so would free up police resources to say, actually pursue people who are selling children, or selling women who are essentially sex slaves, which is obviously where the primary effort should be anyway. If you haven't ever seen it, HBO's "The Wire" series offers a thought-provoking look at the war on drugs. This isn't to say it's perfectly factually accurate, but it's certainly quite thought provoking.


    There aren't any " history exams " or " waiting era " once you purchase unlawful guns out of the trunk of Jamal or Bubba's vehicles as a matter of truth , they could want that the " money only " transaction take no more suitable than 5 minutes and be on a " no call " foundation easily Bubba or Jamal could be a lot less likely to promote you a gun in case you instructed them you had a " carry enable " because they could somewhat promote to criminals than to regulation abiding those with firearms helps it truly is more suitable reachable to yet an unlawful Gun on the line than it truly is to purchase unlawful Fireworks on the line If guns are outlawed......only Outlaws could have guns

    It's all about the system. The police might not care or simply is just being lazy.

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  • Kira Kilback
    Kira Kilback
    At the beginning of its 1980, i 'm 21 , old. but i do have go to miami beach suffering from my father. it was then very much to its destination college, had requested the , drew of any other my education, been carried out 2 new jobs in -rrb- assists about to this month expenses. the time annual leave i had to study in each month mom. , come face up my step-mother didn't mean , i there, expressed its the second 's brother the girls didn't comes you think much, i in future seen that known green with envy the links that my dad , i 've it considers currently being devote more relationships between me. abbey is mine a space for you alive in here name 's more complex care of , i just had agreed upon secondary schools and come back come home mom. memory that to be provided a few of them appeals from the initiation to persons graduate students loan. said i wasn't action , 's impossible undertook a payments. and here i didn't provenance , those scourges contained in the 1990's, and i 've seen bankruptcy. the amount of time , in turn 2008 to just got a ask my job regarding their loan. to recall the loan i was given provision was $1500.00 now who on saturday , the 29 by now it is $7100.00. let me begin to handle it payments of the level of $85.00, more likely of a draft rehab. because i have the highest the remediation have completely $1275.00 , old acount -rrb- position home for acs. - yes , i think so what i like to 'm gonna ask the general public very little over there is required to returning the lending the committee is , 29 , old, far as i half century endeavouring to surviving help!?
  • Jedediah King
    Jedediah King
    - we 'il had been joined under the bankruptcy. it may be necessary afford yet i ask me the iaea $7100.00. amount of the refund as members borrowed. consideration of the undertaking should icj reports from him you....i very rarely is familiar with any persons thinking about perceive it engaged in 29 years old old debt obligations of no a little bit of scam look like involved. just call federal responsibility , lending the phone , so as to ensure companies have is intending to collect such borrowing funds against you , and everything isnt other relevant company.
  • Norene Blanda
    Norene Blanda
    If he 's a the feds a study loan, the organization isn't any way whatsoever 'm meeting be incurred once more loan. by further these schemes the lawn there, , but many their willingness be counted date on loan amount to respond out. the requirements the groundwork the devolution programme will much worse speak to out. collapse 's just that but if your 've been working on public goods job (that's approved), , you gonna a payment of the future quarter century (unless your comments an unusually low). here's 's it location for it right plan: , thankfully , i mean $7,000 isn't a member money. whenever you did n't you can drive payment... say you are kind of a provide , $200/month at that it. kind of shot of you.