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    In hawaii? I just need a 1 bed room house that's all. I don't drink or smoke, and I only eat vegetables, so I am very skinny. I plan to move to Kauai next month. I got a big job there waiting for me. I just want to know if I can afford a home with a home loan and my salary. Just a small home with 1 bed room. I don't care about bathroom, I'll just go outside in the jungle to poop. I just need a place to sleep. That's all. Or maybe I can rent. Please help. Thank you

    It's almost impossible to find a 1-BR home. Median home prices are close to $625,000 now. The lowest 1-br home will probably be around $450,000. condo is a good possibility. Median prices are over $500,000, but a 1 or 2-bedroom should be able to be found closer to $200,000. With a Montana loan, that will put your payment at about $1200 + maintenance fees + taxes. Email me if you need more info. You need to talk to local lenders that can do Montana loans.

    Your comments about going outside to poop make me wonder how serious you are about this whole endeavor. You will not find any sort of house w/o indoor plumbing & I think you must know this already. Unless you have a ton of savings for a very substantial down payment, I don't think owning in Hawaii is a realistic option for you.

    Earl , thanks for serving this country! i think the Montana can help, but Kauai is beautiful but very expensive, i must say it may be the loveliest island of the islands. good luck to you!

    Wait till you're waiting to purchase it...there is not any rush on you getting it to have it...its all approximately your social secure practices form and so on. as quickly as you're interior six months of procuring to your place it incredibly is once you get your certificates..

How can so many people be fooled by these penny auctions when they are clearly a gambling scam?

  • Wilmer Conn
    Wilmer Conn
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    Ronaldo Gerlach
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    Dolly Jast
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