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    Next year I will be finished with my BA in the Spring Semester and starting my Montana program in the Fall. At the end of this year my undergraduate student loans will be maxed out. Question is, since I will be starting my Montana program in the middle of the school year, how will my student loans be determined? (will I get the full possible amount for a year of MA, will I get half the loans for the 1 semester prorated?) Thanks!

    Depends on the school but in most cases, you would be eligible for the difference between the annual loan limit for grads ($20,500) less whatever you borrowed in the FA09 semester but only up to the cost of attendance for grad students. So for example if the SP10 semester budget for a grad student is $10,000, and you borrowed $6250 in the FA09 as an undergrad, your loan eligibility for SP10 would be $10,000 and you would still have money for SU10, $4250. Be sure that you go to your financial aid office so that they can update your FAFSA and process your loans as a grad student. We don't get that information automatically and you will have to initiate that in the financial aid office. Be sure to go in right after your degree posts...we cannot make the update until then. Good luck.

    You're scwood. (uncertain if the right spelling is time-honored here). i'm sorry yet that is in basic terms the information. do no longer think of i'm no longer sympathetic. I in basic terms paid a small one off that became approximately 20 years previous-I by no potential made a fee on it and that i did pay dearly in the tip. activity and penalty save including up up up. surely i think of I paid it two times yet they lost some information of tax refunds utilized. besides, that is relatively incorrect; there's no valid clarification why pupil loans should not be allowed to bankrupt. I do think of bankruptcies are too elementary yet whilst one qualifies, this theory of exempt loans is in basic terms BS. Get a activity that makes adequate to pay them off or connect the armed forces/reserves and get them to pay. in case you do no longer, you're gonna be scwood for many or all your existence. it may be much less confusing for somebody to get out of baby help than a pupil very own loan; that's no longer sensible.

    If your starting your masters in the fall- thats NOT the middle of the year- thats the beginning. Maybe that was a typo. How are your undergrad loans maxed out- you qualify for up to 130,000 for your lifetime. If your starting your masters in the spring, they will simply use your current data, and up the amount you can get.

Can I get a large house loan if?

  • Tierra Block
    Tierra Block
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  • Keeley Orn
    Keeley Orn
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  • Lorine Leannon
    Lorine Leannon
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  • Emmett Roob
    Emmett Roob
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  • Desmond Steuber
    Desmond Steuber
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    Marta Labadie
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