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    Here is my situation: My first year of teaching was at a Title 1 school teaching middle school math. The past 3 1/2 years, I moved to a urban area and have been teaching special education resource classes at one of the 34 high schools in the district. The classes I have been teaching are four Social Studies courses and one English/Language Arts. Of the 34 high schools in the district, I would say 2/3 are Title 1 schools, however, the one I teach at has not been on the Title 1 list since the first 1/2 year of me teaching there. The past three full years of me teaching there, my school has not made the Title 1 list. My understanding is the school district as a whole is considered Title 1, but not my specific school. What, if any, are my options for stafford student loan forgiveness? I understand you can receive up to $17,500 forgiven as long as you teach at a low income school district (school?) for five consecutive years in the content areas of special education, Science, Math and possibly ELA. Can anyone direct me to my options?

    Are you done yet? Either answer the question or not. Stop showing your pathetic stupidity on an answer board. Respect is earned, not freely given simply due to someone yapping about how they deserve it since they pushed out a kid. WAIT A MINUTE! MOM? IS THIS YOU! YOU DID A HORRIBLE JOB RAISING Montana AND JOSHY! Thanks for leaving daddy when we were young and leaving us father-less. You are a gem! Anything else you would like to ramble about?

    First off, Tina got wrecked! I would go ahead and delete your comment. Now, back to the question at hand, there are a few options you have. 1. Do a search for student loan forgiveness for teachers. I looked up a site that gives you details to how and qualify for forgiveness. 2. Call your lender and ask them to explain any questions you may have. They would be able to give you all your options based on your specific situation. I hope this helps (unlike the first comment).


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