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    I will be attending Barnard College (in Manhattan) in the fall. The total cost would be about $56,000 annually. I applied for financial aid in March (by filling out the FAFSA and CSS Profile) and Barnard sent me an aid packet of $42,000 that looks like this: Grants/Scholarships: $36,700 Federal Work-Study: $1,800 Federal Direct Subsidized loan: $3,500 I accepted all of the above. My family now has to pay an additional $14,000 to meet the total. My parents are paying $6,000. I will need the additional $8,000 in student loans. My question: Where do I get $8,000 in loans? Can I apply for more federal loans? Or are private loans my only remaining option? If so, where do I get private loans from?

    Note that the schools published "Cost of Attendance" is not how much you have to pay directly to the school. THere are other expenses factored in that are indirect costs that you may not need to buy... certainly not BORROW for (shampoo, toiletries, pens, pencils - This is what your Work Study job, if you find one, will be for). So, when determining how much you need to borrow, figure out EXACTLY how much you are going to have to pay the school... tuition, fees, books, room and board and forget about the cost of attendance. I'm saying this because your school has an INCREDIBLY high cost quoted and I'll bet if you look closely, your 8,000 is not necessary. But, if it is... you (as a dependent freshman) can borrow UP TO 5500 in federal Stafford loans... and they are only offering you 3,500 (Federal direct Sub loan).... so you CAN get 2,000 more if you need it. Another option is to ask the parents to do a federal parent PLUS loan. This is a loan that THEY repay. PS: If I were you I'd make sure that 36,700 scholarship and grant is renewable (and possibly guaranteed) every year.... most extremely expensive schools such as this LURE students in and give them huge amounts of (institutional-school) scholarships their first two years and then their last two years (jr and sr) year the students don't get hardly ANYTHING because they know it's too late for the student to transfer to a cheaper school by then. So you may need to pay say... 8,000 this year, and perhaps 12,000 next year... but when you are a jr and sr you'll have to pay the full 50K each year. Unless you have that kind of money stashed away I wouldn't want to risk it... you aren't GUARANTEED any scholarships those last two years and you certainly won't be able to borrow that on your own... you'd have to ask the parents to do a PLUS loan for you. PSS: Private loans are evil and you should avoid them at all costs. You would need a cosigner anyway.

    Your credit does not count, in case you probably did your fafsa, you will then take out federal loans. you may take out as much as training with option loans, in all likelihood much greater, however the alternative loans have bigger interest than your federal loans that are limited. Ask a economic help consultant besides.

    Private loans aren't your best solution. You didn't mention anything about applying for unsubsidized loan. You're still eligible for unsubsidized loan, as part of your package you just have to apply for it because it's suppose to fund your unmet needs. Although , there are new rules about it, checkout this article for additional info: Student’s Loan Eligibility, Maximum Amount of Loan and Amount of Subsidized / Unsubsidized Loans Read more: Also, you might want to shop around for more scholarships: STATE OF NEW YORK Montana State Funded Grants, including scholarships granted by institutions and private corporations, unions, trust funds, religious, fraternal and other organizations and awards administered by the Commission on Higher Education of New York. Hope these answers help; good luck

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