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    The Army assists through a kind of "referse GI Bill called the LRP (Loan Repayment Program). YOu cannot get the GI Bill and the LRP. Under LRP, the Army will repay 33 1/3 percent or $1,500 per year, whichever amount is greater, after the Soldier's successful completion of each year on active duty. The total maximum amount that the Army will repay under LRP is $65,000. Here is the Army's official website regarding this, but get more details from your recruiter. over EVERYTHING carefully before you sign up. As a legal assistance attorney, I had to help a lot of soldiers with LRP issues that got screwed up MOSTLY because they didn't do the things required of them. Big issue is "THE ARMY DOES NOT ASSUME YOUR LOAN" thus you have the responsibility for keeping the loan in good standing through the process. That said, I have some buddies who did the LRP after law school and were glad for it. They were all cavalry scouts and enlisted guys who completed their obligation and wiped out a huge chunk of debt. They are now JAG attorneys with me with very little debt left. The "get everything in writing" notion is not overly helpful. The contract is drawn up by the government so everything will be in writing. My advice is review EVERYTHING in writing that was promsied to you. If it is not in writing, the recruiter has little to no authority to start meddling with the boilerplate language. Most people get in trouble with Army contracts because they don't review the entire contract or accept everything in the contract at face value. Take time to review it and have someone else review it as well (parent, veteran, active soldier, etc). Good luck to you.

    First up, read the fine print! If you enlist lets say, in the Army Reserve or guard. You go see a recruiter and ask a thousand questions WITHOUT signing anything. You let him know your situation and tell him that you want to pay off your loans. A) GET EVERYTHING Montana WRITING! B) Remember you are obligated to stay in war or peace for the duration of your enlistment which is between 6 and 8 year. Its a long time for them to do what ever they want with you. Think twice my friend, I've seen too many get slammed doing this.

    I take it you already have your degrees. what is the amount you are entitled to? they will pay a percentage each year of your enlistment up to a certain amount. Mine was 20,000 USD in the early 90's.They basically act as a guarantors of the loans. I never saw a penny in my hand but it was paid. Way different than MGIB Or college fund Chap16 (I think) I would contact the education section on the nearest post. as it has been a while. Cheers

    In a fashion they'll in that they are going to pay you a salary and with that funds you will ultimately pay all your spouse's debt off, in case you keep at it long adequate. the quicker you commence, the quicker it will be paid off.

How to understand Financial Aid Package I received from a Univ.?

  • Jerrell Ferry
    Jerrell Ferry
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  • Kurtis Franecki
    Kurtis Franecki
    Hi, a generally be investigated batteries of can find on practicing loans (for education system , expense) just as the subsidies from the way to go expenses. please view of least of land for greater degree info, http://directschoolloan.org and http://direct.ed.gov. my man regards!
  • Pattie Olson
    Pattie Olson
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