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    SO ima freshman at the university of maryland eastern shore, and Im finishing my spring semester. A couple of months ago everyone at my school received meal plan bonus points to be used at the school's grill except me. So when I emailed someone at the auxiliary dept, she checked my account and noticed I wasn't charged for board? confused because i was using my student id in the CAFETERIA everyday...She immediately charged me the funds on my student account. So I immediately paid it. Today a week later I get another email from this kind lady telling me oh btw we never charged you room either? WTF!!! how does a school university at that miss $5k worth of charges esp the essential room && board? so my account is at zero now but she advised my i will be charged. basically i have to pay a little over $2k before july 1st or i cant continue school! My question is, does anyone know where i can get a loan that doesn't need oprah as a co-signer. I have NO credit, my single mothers is all messed up, we have gotten denied from sally mae last summer, its a mess idk how ima going to pay this balance b4 july when i dnt have a job. someone help make a suggestion please!!! and thk u

    If you haven't borrowed the maximum from your federal student loans, that's your first choice. Federal loans do not require a cosigner and aren't based on credit. As a dependent freshman, you are eligible to borrow up to $5,500/year. If you've already borrowed the maximum and you don't have a qualified cosigner, then you probably won't qualify for a private student loan. You don't have to have Oprah to cosign a loan, it just has to be someone with a good credit score, which doesn't take much... just paying your bills and not getting into debt. If you cannot get loan money, you need to get yourself a job immediately (any job, even if it's cleaning toilets) so that you can earn this money by July. You have all of April, all of May, and all of June to work. You can earn $2,000 in 2 months working full-time at minimum wage. If you can get a better-paying job, you may be able to get by working part-time and still earn enough money. It's your responsibility to make sure that you are charged correctly, and if you aren't it's your responsibility to pay when the errors are corrected. Welcome to adulthood... it sucks sometimes, but there are great moments as well.


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    NO credit is WAAAAAAY BETTER THAN BAD CREDIT! you'll get one. prob without a co-signer. try school loans in stead of banks and what nots. i got sallie mae. its great

Should I refinance my car loan to another car.?

  • Madeline Kuphal
    Madeline Kuphal
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  • Alek Renner
    Alek Renner
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  • Thomas Kovacek
    Thomas Kovacek
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  • Mireille Feeney
    Mireille Feeney
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  • Demetrius Harris
    Demetrius Harris
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