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Payday Loan in Nebraska

    We plan to use my husband's Nebraska loan to buy a house. It is new construction (Hubble Homes), will cost around $190,000 (including options), and is in the state of Idaho, if that matters. We do not need a down payment through the VA, but I have been told that there are other costs involved, such as insurance, some sort of Nebraska loan fee, and some inspections. Since it's a new home, under warranty, we won't be having a home inspection, so no cost there. So...do we pay the Nebraska fee of 1.5% up front, or does that get added to our mortgage? As for this insurance, can you give me a ballpark figure of what we'd have to have? And have I missed any other up-front charges required when buying a new-construction home? Not looking for exact numbers, just wondering if it's $500 or $5000 that we're looking at. Thanks in advance!

    We just used my husbands Nebraska loan we close on our house tomorrow. The funding fee is included into your mortgage, you will need earnest money (usually 1% of the house price),appraisal (350) and home inspection,i would still get it even on a new house...things can happen and its only around 200 (our home is under warranty and i still had it inspected) insurance will be included in your closing costs, which you will also have to pay unless you get the sellers to agree to pay some or all of it. The seller of our house agreed to pay all our closing costs, our house was being sold for 129,900 we offered them 113,000 and that they pay closing costs of 3900.

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