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    Can you get more then one loan? My dad is telling me im going to have to pay my way through college but i dont really want to have to work and be a student full time and still make sure i have time to study, i know i wont be able to handle that. How could i be a independent student because i know my parents make too much for me to qualify for much federal aid but if im independent ill show strong need wont i? and also could you tell me anything about paying back loans, im trying to get ahead of all this stuff so im prepared because i dont have any family thats went to college so i dont really have anyone to ask questions all help is appreciated :)

    If, after submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid - ) your school awards you only Federal student loans, the maximum amount of Fed. student loans to a dependent student (see the link to the questions to determine if you can file as Dependent or Independent below) who is a 1st year student will be: $5,500. Unless you can attend a low-cost area community colleges, just student loans will not cover your full college/univ. costs of attendance. To determine if you can file your FAFSA as an Independent student or if you are considered Dependent see the questions here: PDF document for 2012-2013 FAFSA – Am I Dependent or Independent? * you can answer "Yes" to even one question listed, you can file your FAFSA as an Independent & will not have to include parental financial info. Regarding repaying loans, read the info here: * is part of the US Dept. of Education/FAFSA web site. Work-study is a form of Federal financial aid. It is US Dept. of Education money a student may be awarded, based on the FAFSA info, to help pay the salaries for on-campus student-only jobs. Many campuses have a large number of on-campus student-only jobs. Not all require work-study awards. Many are available to any student who applies. Check with your college/univ. Financial Aid Office. The jobs are ways for students to earn money on a regular basis to pay for on-going school-related & personal expenses (just like any paying job.) The positives: travel to/from work/class is easy; work schedules are set around student class times. You don't mention if you are still a high school student. If so, once school resumes for the Fall semester, start asking your questions of a HS counselor. To learn more about ways to help fund a college/univ. education and related issues, visit your local public library and ask a reference librarian to help you find these books to check out, read, and learn more: - The College Solution: A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price (2nd edition), by Lynn O'Shaughnessy. Publisher: FT Press, 2012 - Debt-free U: how I paid for an outstanding college education without loans, scholarships, or mooching off my parents, by Zac Bissonnette. Publisher: New York: Portfolio/Penguin, 2010 - Peterson's how to get money for college: financing your future beyond federal aid, 2011 Publisher: Lawrenceville, N.J.: Peterson's, 2010. Updated & published annually - The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2012: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes (4th edition), by Gen Tanabe, Kelly Tanabe. Publisher: Supercollege, Llc;, 2011 You may also qualify for scholarships. A HS counselor will know of scholarships for just students graduating from your HS. Start searching for scholarships for which you may qualify & to which you may wish to apply, now. The colleges/universities that interest you may offer some scholarships for which you may qualify. Look on the Financial Aid/Scholarships web pages of the schools. Use the following online databases to look for scholarship info: Scholarship Search from the well-respected College Board: * Click on the Start button. If you choose to register (free – registration is not required) to return later & modify your search strategy, feel secure you will not receive spam emails. CollegeNet Mach25 Scholarship Search database: * No registration required. Don't select too many defining terms in your search strategy, which may result in a poor scholarship search result. With the results of the scholarship search databases you will have to look at each scholarship option in the results & the info on the scholarship granting organization web pages to determine if you qualify to apply. Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer! Find your local Public Library at: Find your College/University Library at: Best wishes


    :) Tuition Assistance baby! The best deal out there is working for a company while in college that has a tuition assistance program. Most will help if you only if you keep your grades up and some only will help you if you are going for a major related to what the business is.... It varies. An example of some companies with tuition assistance: McDonalds Best Buy Disney Home Depot UPS Most likely you will have to do a variation of Student Loans, Tuition Assistance/Reimbursement, and working part time. Try to minimize your student loans Nebraska MUCH as possible. They are great when you get them, but you will HATE them come 6 months after you graduate or drop out.... Also before you commit to your school MAKE SURE IT IS ACCREDITED. A lot of schools that are cheap (AKA WESTWOOD) are cheap because they LIE and SAY they are accredited when really, they are not--- and no employer will give you money for an education that means nothing. The reason they are giving you money to go to school is two fold: one it attracts educated, intelligent youngsters who are cheap labor.... Two, if you are REALLY smart, it could turn into an investment. A lot of companies hire within and they might just be hiring a genius who will make the company bigger billionaires than they already are. Also (I know this is really off the subject of loans but I am telling you this to SAVE YOU a lot of heartache AND money in the LONG RUN) check the curriculum of the major you are seeking AND the industry itself. I wish i knew this going into my first college. Try to go on craigslist look at the job section. Look up your dream job as if you were applying. What are the qualifications? If the industry demands you know User Interface Developing and you don't see anything related to that in the curriculum ask some questions or move on to another college. THIS is why I know 4 people who graduated from my first original college DONT have jobs and work at a bookstore, live with grandma, live in a ghetto in detriot, and work at McDonalds...... Because they did NOT know what they were being taught didn't mean anything because they were not being taught ENOUGH. The education was.... ok... but ok don't get you a job. Ok gets you not even an ok job. Make sure you do it right ...the FIRST time... or it will be a VERY expensive life lesson... Remember to make sure you have enough money ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way to graduation, because 3 years in school = no degree, and no degree = a minimum wadge job most likely (unless your lucky) which means you won't be affording rent, and will be living with mom and dad until your 30 because all your money goes to make the banker's rich. Sorry for the ramble. Just making sure you know what you are getting your self into because at 18, sorry, but very few at that age know the scope of the issue presented with student loans. Funny how at 18 you can't drink or rent a car, but got damn it you can go to war and get killed AND sign your life away to a bank. :)

    I think you can use your student loans for your whole tuition bill, but you will have an awful lot to pay back when you graduate. One option is to do a work study program, which means you work one semester and then go to school the next. Of course, it takes longer to finish that way, but that's one way to avoid both student loans and having to work at the same time you are studying. Have you checked into what kind of aid you qualify for? Check with your state and see if they have merit based grants for students who graduate high school with a certain average. Also, fill out the FAFSA and see what they say. You might be surprised how much you qualify for. Have you applied for any scholarships? If you had a decent average in High School, there are all kinds of scholarships that go unclaimed every year because people don't think to apply for them. There are scholarships for all sorts of things.

    1) Per FAFSA you will be a dependent student until you meet criteria that allows you to file as independent --- this isn't about "show strong" or not --- FAFSA criteria for independent student is over 24, in the military, married, certified homeless youth, or providing for a dependent (such as providing financially for your own child) 2) you will not get enough student loans from FAFSA (with our without your parent's info) to cover the cost of Uni -- possibly Community College --- you will have to either pay the difference out-of-pocket or take out private student loans to make up the difference. To get private student loans, you need a credit worthy co-signer 3) It is not smart to plan for Student Loans to be your primary source of funding to get through school... you will graduate with enormous (and financially crippling) debt 4) your dad is right... it is better to work & pay your way through school ---- most of the students that I know work at least 30 hours will in school full-time

    Conflict or anger itself does not have to cause an irreparable rift between partners. With good communication skills and a shared commitment to a marriage, even these are surmountable. How to save your marriage at that point where one partner is at the brink of abandoning the relationship, how can the remaining partner save their marriage? If you are at the point where your spouse has asked for a divorce, what can you do? You must realize first that, you do have a choice. Often, when confronted by a crisis, we find ourselves backed into a corner thinking we have no choice in the matter. How can we change the situation when it involves another person's feelings or decisions? While we cannot, must not and in no way manipulate, blackmail or threaten our partner into changing their mind, we can actually control how we react to the situation. If anything, you must realize that you still have control over yourself. You have the opportunity to look inward and take responsibility for your own feelings and actions and even have the chance to take personal inventory of what your partner is trying to tell you. Are there points in your marriage that must be changed? If so, respond appropriately and proactively.

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Can I get a loan for $1,500? I'm 18 years old?

  • Hillary Veum
    Hillary Veum
    I'm 18 as old, i got an part-time -rrb- work and the labour and employment 10 p.m. working group week. i'm your purchase the first part car; result , honda the citizen given that school. car 's $3,600. , here 's $2,600 all right up. i know you do n't push for $1,500 in both these basis , to december i'm are received $1,000 to fiscal aid. but nobody there two-month period canada 's now. 'm looking for a fund to pass up work, college, and subsequent kind of private low-income families matters. their mother which ought to name , canidius looked forward cosign for ahead of you i've know i have part-time work , office to 4 -rrb- thereof , second half of this case things like that kinda cute stable, and upstanding across the economy. so , can i loan?
  • Hattie Koepp
    Hattie Koepp
    Egads desire for your level not propose to to get a assistance to of buying statement of car, the boy illegal. my mom 's will fail cosign in the field you. whose goal is to injure advanced in run, no longer your problem actually an adult as well shouldn't returning to "mommie" must draw your own bills. oh , but you should be achieved exactly what to tread car, the other way around know how you feel you'll it is right of funds transfer, of promoting tags, to the retention yearly, and fulfil 's gas 's super very own now, and to ensure that insurance records (which rather more quite often is considered quite high , case this here a wonderful car it 's not as far as high). when you purchase a past the coach you wanna know how to troubleshoot it, are placed pressure from the tires, a modification of the the weather filter, on the monitoring oil, etc., , which makes wrecker another report in french a ban (because of course if an application 'm calling \ xc2 you won't got the money upfront). but, be conducted working. i do n't think efforts are 's got an loan. the argument - you 're kind of does n't do n't part of a credit file yet.
  • Millie Hessel
    Millie Hessel
    Effective february 2010, , you are required agenda 21 and have access 12/18 month period count of co-signer. y 'all 'il have to al gore insurance papers et les pour les relatives , co-sign for you.
  • Rubie Witting
    Rubie Witting
    I'm entirely sure come to loan particularly when get it where you 've our own a charge card. , maybe nothing at you got to be okay okay , this you today to abstain from not good either. looks like an very clever kid. the families carried out an really well job. big chance
  • Yesenia Metz
    Yesenia Metz
    If your mother cosigns good morning 'm afraid is what an item if anything foot the bill or not...as if the goods - there may wish should not lose loan
  • Ulises Russel
    Ulises Russel
    " yeah , you got wont same kind do require co-sign.