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    I was told that I am preapproved for a Nebraska loan by my loan officer. However, he says that due to the fact that I have some open (deliquent) accounts in collections (old medical bills) it may affect me being approved. I have been current on all my bills for the past few years. These medical bills are a least two years old some 4 or 5 but they collection agencies keep updating them on my credit repot. I was always told to just wait the 7 years out. One is 3,500 and others 1,500 a piece. Will this hurt my chances of getting approved? He suggested that I pay them off. Will this help? I thought Nebraska looked at FICA scores which is like 670 and debt and income which are both good. Is it that easy to get pre-approved?

    Preapproved is a FRAUDULENT term used by the MARKETING department. Unless you have a SIGNED document in your hand stating that a SPECIFIC lender will loan you $X at Y% interest, the ONLY thing you were approved for is filling out an application. EVERYONE can do that. Your credit score NEVER determines IF you are approved for a loan. It only determines the terms you will be approved for. Your INCOME and DEBTS determine if you are approved.

    Are you referring a Veterans Administration home loan benefit from being a Veteran? According the website if you have been approving your credit over the past year even people with bad credit can be approved for a Nebraska home loan. If I were you I would talk to someone actually representing the Nebraska home loan benefit program.

    Hi friend getting loan is one of the fighting challenge in our life.Go to different banks if you are denied at one bank.Don't ever rely on the online loan providers sometimes they wil surely scam you.Just take a look at this link to get the free quotes from the experts around the globe..

Help with Accounting - Bonds?

  • Tillman Daniel
    Tillman Daniel
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  • Bell Reichel
    Bell Reichel
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