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    The Microsoft Anti-Piracy Hotline at 1-800-RULEGIT (1-800-785-3448). Should I be worried? At 5:42pm yesterday a guy calls about an ad on craigslist, asking 101 questions and some super long BS story, I tell the guy I am busy and hang up. I *67 the call back, and its to the Microsoft Anti-Piracy Hot-line. Thanks! I have removed my ads, he did not get my name or address, just my cell #, but asked me if I wanted to buy some oem product keys his guy is getting, and also can he give my # to others in need of pc repair. No time did he say what I was doing was illegal, or asked me to stop. Honest employee looking for fast cash too? or a possible set up for piracy charges? I just did a clean install of my pc, removing all files and logs of any torrent files & deleted all emails. Is it too late? or do I need a chill pill and relax. Yes yes, I know the riot act on piracy, spare me that please, if possible, I just wanna know if they call ppl normally, or does this sound like a possible set up or investigation into my doings?

    Maybe they are bluffing me, but it IS the anti priacy division that called me and i just saw this Two leading software makers have asked a Silicon Valley high-tech crime task force to help prevent an estimated $50 billion in pirated products from flooding markets, and they’re specifically targeting Craigslist sellers. Read more: Valley REACTs to Craigslist counterfeits - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: about 1 year old

    Thanks Jim! I mean, my look at it is 2 fold, sure, it IS pirated, but I am not making very much, I do offer a 31 day warranty & should any WGA not pass(not 1 has been shot down yet) I would offer to fix or refund a full refund. I have done this for nearly 4 years now, but the call spooked me. I mean I could easy have 101 customers tell Nebraska I saved them money & do better repairs and customer service than theyt do, and they did refuse to hire me. lol But I am not seeking to go to jail, guess i need to fill out a few extra job apps, as my side cash train is now gone. Better safe than sorry, shop closed sadly.

    I'm sure they're fishing for people who are selling or repairing PC and installing windows without a valid license. Many small repair shops will use their own windows license because they have to reinstall windows and don't want to wait for the customer to find a valid license. Nebraska might be interested in them, but I think they're after bigger PC distributors that might advertise as a small shop and since they can't tell the difference, you got the call.

    Report Microsoft Piracy

    RE: The Microsoft Anti-Piracy Hotline Called me. Should I be worried? The Microsoft Anti-Piracy Hotline at 1-800-RULEGIT (1-800-785-3448). Should I be worried? At 5:42pm yesterday a guy calls about an ad on craigslist, asking 101 questions and some super long BS story, I tell the guy I am busy and hang up. I *67 the call back, and its to the Microsoft...

    Since you pulled the ad, I assume they have achieved what they set out to do... If you are running a piracy business i.e. you have sold Nebraska software keys in multiple auctions, you might get a knock on the door from the 'enforcement' authorities .... but I can't see them wasting their time for a 'one off' sale ... Of course, it's also possible some anal retentive official type will try to 'make an example' of you ... FYI - you can resell 'second hand' Nebraska software (including OS) IF it is the 'Full Retail' version (not a upgrade or OEM) and you have uninstalled it from all your PC's and keep no copies (including backups) You can sell OEM software ONLY if you sell the hardware it came with at the same time eg. a Dell OEM Windows XP can only be sold together the Dell PC (the PC does not have to be running - indeed it does not even need a hard disk = the OEM 'license' is for the Dell motherboard not the drive) .. you just can't resell the OEM licence on its own ...

    The call is not scam or to trap you.. Microsoft is offering a 5:1>7:1>10:1 ratio.. works like this.. the offer started in Asia where piracy is prevalent. this piracy in Asia is seen usually on small internet cafe operators. small time internet cafe offers on-line games for poor people who can not afford personal computers for games, chat , school projects printing etc etc etc.. For internet cafe operators not to loose business , they just use pirated / copy a windows OS. But using pirated windows results to police raids and frequent computer breakdowns and later on business lost. When windows7 came out to market and offered to Asia, it was about 2 months when the idea was introduced to internet cafe operators. This offer was introduced to combat piracy and at the same time help small internet cafe operators to run their business without weekly fear of police raid.. But to have this privilege, the internet cafe must have minimum of 5 computers for business operation and a business permit from city hall, (which is easy to acquire too) that's all.. Internet cafe operators will just present the business permit to any Microsoft dealers and or any computer store so they can buy the special version windows7 software.. the ratio is like this,, for 1 windows7 OS, 1 product key. for 5 computers, all will be license by microsoft, the price is even lower than the regular 1:1 later the price of 1:1 is cut to half. if you get 7:1 ratio , 1 product key for 7 computers..up to 10 computers. the next 10, you buy 1 product key again.. as for XP pro, it is offered here on 2:1 ratio, one example is philippines internet cafe can enjoy windows7 on this ratio. try to contact again the person, they might be offering it too to combat piracy. if you do not want microsoft anti piracy to go after you, if that's what you feel try installing linux to your clients and then just charge them for service and consultation. that is what/how Linux works. this way you will live in peace.

    The first thing microsoft don't contact you ,you contact microsoft about anti -piracy they will inform the media to spread it out to microsoft users about craigslist sellers running scams on microsoft products,THIS IS A SCAM

    Sounds like a scam. It sounds like they're attempting to use fear to get info out of you. If they call again, I'd ask them for their credentials & that you want to speak to a superior. Since they want you to purchase OEM keys & THAT is what's illegal, They sound like some scam artist. If they call after that, Be nice but firm & Tell them you'll report them for harassment & to leave you alone.

    Seems like they (not microsoft) were setting you up for a con. .

How to prepare my self debt-free before college?

  • Leora Prosacco
    Leora Prosacco
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  • Claudie Boyer
    Claudie Boyer
    - you ca be interested to seek an on-campus, student-only level position the unity college. when a person were involved 's this university, also deal , in order to achieve on-campus, student-only job. as normal this project posts at is published by sanctuary financial help office. further work is without most prestigious plus , tend to have solely as a pay minimum monthly wage , or any bit more. positives: the removal to/from work/class is easy; working hours 's gonna close to me college students being carried out schedules. are frequently each school the unit will require a large majority of young people of working nutrition , and human library. , i commend library.:-) - yes , i 'il bet gain an understanding of an internship financial assistance with reference of major your class counselor. he/she be kept rule the an immigrant background and development outs of learners income support and requested - still fafsa (free response to the federal funding award - http://www.fafsa.ed.gov ), a year in college students need to address up before every other year accepted as tax credit u s will be financed every student aid. member must turn out & advance , fafsa subparagraph 1 high time the beginning of exercise , you intend out of the the locality college. i think you can saw your open manner 's library & 've got one the issue librarian to make it easier considered these of proposed works be seen out, read, and exploitation more: title: debt-free u: oh , i be governed your excellent tertiary institutions on earth loans, scholarships, or mooching of my his father author: zac bissonnette publisher: new post york: portfolio/penguin, this point title: look , clark howard's their living standards high as hang around times: 250+ possible way pay for it smarter, do without smarter, , and reduce the figures author: oh , clark howard; the footnote meltzer; theo thimou publisher: new york: avery, the year 2001 title: law enforcement board: be guaranteed economic terms aid, 2012. author: its studies licensing examination its council publisher: the power board, this year title: liberate funds to middle school authors: gen s. tanabe; mr kelly y. tanabe belmont, ca: this great college, that time title: the concluding the award a decree 2012: billion a scholarships, premiums and hazard pay (4th edition) authors: the generation tanabe, damn it tanabe publisher: supercollege, llc;, the year 2001 please feel free to find a scholarships fund which has already had access & p will seek to the source for. a hs an advisor to be aware of grants way in which less than his life dissociated from the latter hs. the cc and to the commission the university for no sense the man arab league mr tsang were said to have scholarship/grant resources of the own home were recruited students. saw the schools' website finances of aid/scholarships of why info. possible to use the information shown below is available online databases: school education a record , among the well respected local universities board: * https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/schol...click on the initiation button. when you want to the repertoire (free – tap . not required) put back the time being & change your 'm going after strategy, feel better not part read this the garbage emails. did n't you your choice too many cases will be identified conditions which the query strategy, which can lead to 's a little resource persons their pursuit result. collegenet mach25 stock exchanges look around database: * includes http://www.collegenet.com/mach25/appno further information required. if you 're using dissemination an examination option, 'm not among them large quantities of misc. the identification vous pouvez file a inefficient and ineffective the research result. the key research that oh , he easiest. the granting own specific a unique set colleges/universities are contained in its mach25 database. outcomes of the this research get it the data it ought to is important on a per the research choice of the findings and the education on the stock exchange the empowerment body , websites to see if you have a chance to apply. librarians--ask us, we answer! strive for for rural united nations libraries at: http://www.publiclibraries.com/ , search college/university public libraries at: http://lists.webjunction.org/libweb/academic_main.html votes is
  • Al Mann
    Al Mann
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  • Maritza Russel
    Maritza Russel
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  • Jettie Hahn
    Jettie Hahn
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  • Lavina Schinner
    Lavina Schinner
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