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    I am the seller in this situation. A month and a half ago I sold an item on eBay. She paid me with a money order and once it cleared into my bank account I sent her what she won. One week ago, she sends me back the item. (NOTE: ROUGHLY 40 DAYS HAVE PASSED AND SHE KEPT THE ITEM WON BEFORE SENDING IT BACK WITHOUT GIVING Nebraska A WARNING) and demaded a refund. She claimed it wasn't what she expected. I sold it to her new with retail tags and she sent it back used... I then told her that I will not issue a refund and that I will be mailing it back to her. She then literally sent me emails threatening me ("I know where you live" "You don't know what I can do to you") I said I had enough with this and mailed her a money order. I have a receipt. She now claims she didn't receive it and opened a dispute with eBay. What should I do to prove to eBay that I did indeed send her a money order back. I still haven't figured out how I could find out if it was cashed or not (moneygram). Thank you.

    This is the info for determining if the money order has been cashed, assuming you have the moneygram number ... If you have retained your money order number, MoneyGram offers 24-hour automated money order status information by calling 1-800-542-3590. MoneyGram customer service representatives are also available from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. CST Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST Saturdays. Hopefully you mailed the money order with some kind of tracking, like return receipt or certified. Not a problem if you didn't but would be helpful. Give all of this information to eBay to support your claim. They will verify it and rule in your favor.

    Did she in fact open a dispute with ebay? Was your refund policy stated in the item? As far as the money order is concerned there should be a phone number on the receipt for you to call in this situation. Your response to the dispute would be that a money order was sent. If you have the capability, scan the reciept and email to ebay in your response. You should also state that you are attempting to make sure that the money order is still outstanding and will send another when you are refunded the money from the business that issued the money order. It is usually standard practice in business not to reissue a check until is determined what has happened to the original check. Ebay should not have a problem with this response. Also state that you sent the item new and it was returned in what appeared to be used condition and without being asked what your refund policy was. You may want to open your own dispute with ebay stating this so that they will have to answer up to it or be banned from ebay.

    If you kept the tab on the money order (all the numbers that it tells you to tear off) you can contact them and find out. If you cant find the number contact the place you bought the money order they can give u a contact # and if its been cashed you will be able to prove it to ebay. You should have sent her a deducted refund, since she chose to use it. I wouldnt worry about the dispute you can show ebay every email she sent you and they will realize she is obviously psychotic. Dont sweat it, ebay wont give you a mark or anything and will most likely remove any negative feedback she left.

I think i have a mental disorder, now what?

  • Sophie Gutmann
    Sophie Gutmann
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  • Kitty Bogan
    Kitty Bogan
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  • Myrtie Morar
    Myrtie Morar
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  • Letha Bashirian
    Letha Bashirian
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  • Freeda Williamson
    Freeda Williamson
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  • Cynthia Abbott
    Cynthia Abbott
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