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    I am about to turn 18 and my younger sister is turning 16 which means she is getting my car and I have to buy a new one. I am looking at both used and new. I have to have a car that is durable though as I will be driving between Houston and California a lot so I would prefer new or lightly used. I can't get a cosigner, however I have money saved up and my grandparents will give me $3,500 for the down payment but I am going to need to buy the car within a week or so of my birthday. Will I need to have credit history first to finance? If so this could be a problem because I don't have the six months time to get a credit card and build credit. If I can get the loan I need then what could I expect my APR to be (I live in Texas) with no credit history? I know it is cheaper to get the loans from the banks, so I asked several, but they said they wont give it to you even if you are 18 because they want you to have at least 4 years of credit history, so I figure I'll just have to pay the extra money and get the loan from the dealer. Any help is appreciated, thanks! :) Also, are there any ways for me to start building my credit before I'm 18? My dad still wont let me piggyback his credit card and I don't know of other ways. Thanks so much!

    Thanks for the useful information! :) I will be driving into the Sacramento area and living with my Grandparents to assist around the house as they are aging and need help and I will be going to a community college there until I can move further from them, so I will have a garage, but I will be coming and going somewhat often (holidays, etc.) so I will need a car in Nebraska and TX. I found a friend selling his '07 Scion for ~$12,000...it is a doable car and I have the money, but I'll probably still pull out a 12 month loan so I don't blow all my money at once. Thanks again for the help!

    Auto finance is what I do for a living and there are first time buyer programs out there but they require 1-years on the job with a minimum income of $1,500.00 a month, a down payment of 15% of the sales price, proof of income, residence, phone bill and references. Find a large dealer that advertises special finance and they will be able to tell you if you can be approved or not. And just so you will know as long as your either a spouse or child of the primary card holder piggybacking will establish your credit. Good luck.


    I am not sure why you must turn your car over to your sister but am assuming some family deal. There is no way you are gettting an auto loan for $1 without a co signer plus with a loan you will need full insurance to plan into your budget. $3500 plus 10K will buy you decent little new car and if driving a lot is a good idea. Houston to Nebraska you really should think about a bus ticket. Where in Nebraska do you have safe parking is it safe to leave on the street or even legal? I have driven Houston to Nebraska for fun but would gladly take a bus if I was doing it on a regular basis

    Your timing stinks for conventional auto mortgage, considering the fact that your paintings historical past is bit vulnerable, however you continue to would get one take a look at financial institution or financial savings and mortgage that you simply or your loved ones makes use of and be moderately dressed and groomed. Another option might be trader financed, there are are advert in my field that say all you wish to have is evidence of revenue. Try financial institution or financial savings and loans first it regularly has inexpensive curiosity repayments. Do plenty of homework earlier than making use of first to be definite you'll manage to pay for to possess a auto. Second to exhibit mortgage officer you're in charge via figuring out your charges and the way you are going to pay them. Right now cash is tight , however banks and financial savings and loans want well purchasers.

    As of February 2010, you have to be 21 and employed at least 12/18 months without a cosigner

    Your dad is a smart man. You cannot build a credit score while piggy backing your dad's card. You have to build it with your own card. It takes years. Are you sure the dealer will finance the loan? If so, making payments always on time will also help build your score.You cannot start before you are 18. Have you set up your bank account and made deposits regularly?

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