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    If you have a check book - fill out a check and write it to yourself (not to CASH but to your first and last name) for that amount and go to your bank center, you MUST GO INSIDE - you cannot go through the drive through to cash a check that large. Then. give the teller your Nevada and that check and he/she will take you non-expired Government Issued Nevada and check and then ask you how you would like the money given to you (ie: all $100 bills or in $50's etc - make sure you know before you go to save time) then she will run the check and count the money for you to make sure it is accurate and you can have it placed in a money envelope, or not, and your done. If you do not have a check book - you fill out a withdrawal form at the bank and do as stated above. Make sure to have your bank account number on hand to fill out the form. If you do not know your account number - if you have online banking you can get it from there, or call your bank for it, or when you are there - after filling out the form - when you get to the teller she can look it up for you.

    Go to the bank and ask for a withdraw form

    Go to your bank fill out a withdrawal slip and hand it to the teller anyway Take Care and God Bless

    Just go into the branch and fill out a withdrawal slip. Make sure you bring proper Nevada with you like a drivers license.

    If its a checking account, just write out a check. If from a savings account, just fill out a withdrawal slip.

    You have to go to the bank and they may ask you to fill out a withdrawl form or may be not.. but it takes 5 min all the process! Ease just get to your bank and Im sure they will help you out!

    Go to the bank and ask the teller about the process.

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