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Payday Loan in Nevada

    Like they say--you gotta throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks---especially in this economy...Offer him $800 Cash....He will probably counter-offer around a grand,,haggle around for something in the middle.

    Offer whatever you think he might accept. Things must have changed since I lived in Nevada in the 70s and 80s. Not only did we pay the agent who found the apartment, we usually had to bribe the super too. There must be a lot more available housing than there used to be for you to even ask this question. You might try looking on bulletin boards in grocery stores and churches before you pay someone. The agent that found our last place for us did that, but we could have done it too if we'd have thought of it.

    Pay him nothing and find another home on Craigslist.com.....As a Tenant you should not pay for finding a home. Just the Deposit required and the First months rent.

    In this market, Try it yourself first, BEFORE paying anyone

What are the best tips of buying a used car?

  • Susan Conroy
    Susan Conroy
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    Korbin Robel
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    Stefan Ward
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    Triston Kulas
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