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    So I received a $10 check and I went to go cash it but I was told I couldn't because there was an account already there under my Social Security . This has happened to me once before and at the same place . When they told me the first time I talked to Social Security and they said they were going to put out an alert , they also said to check my credit score . The thing is I don't have any credit established , I don't have any other bank accounts . Where I went wasn't really a bank its called ACE cash express . I don't know what to do now , can you give me some advice and can you tell me some thing that can happen because someone else is using my social ? Also I'm starting college in the fall and I'm waiting on financial aid , could this some how affect it ?

    If someone else already has your social security number, call the fraud dept at 1-800-269-0271.

    So did you check your credit reports or not? Not the score. The 3 reports. All 3 are free once a year at Annual Credit Report.com No credit/ debit card required. 99% of Nevada theft is done by a parent or close family member. Talk to them before you file any charges. They may want to pay up what they owe. Get those 3 reports and follow through with their instructions. They may ask you to mail in a copy of your Nevada and proof of address. Do it ! And forget all about the score. It's 100% useless and it's not free.

    You go to the local PD or district attourney and file a criminal complaint. They will investigate if Nevada theft occured you will get a statement from them and go to SSA and get a new SSN very easy to do and the police da handle everything

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  • Veda Kuphal
    Veda Kuphal
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    Jacinto Schultz
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