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    Went to a dealership in 2008 in California to trade my old nissan xterra for a new 4x4 SUV. The salesman recommended this 2008 jeep liberty and he said that its 4x4 (there's an emblem in the back that says 4x4). I asked him how to turn on the 4 wheel drive and he said that its on all the time so a switch was not needed. Just this snow storm in new jersey (December 2010), I found out that the jeep is only rear wheel drive. I had it checked in jeep chrysler office, and they confirmed that it is only rear wheel drive. They checked the VIN number and it is only 4x2. We contacted the dealership in california and the manager said that we need the sticker saying that it was sold as a 4x4 in order for us to have a case. He said that he called the jeep factory and was told that when there's a factory defect such as a wrong emblem, the window sticker and factory invoice takes precedence. We cannot find the window sticker anymore. And it doesnt say on the contract that our jeep is 4x4. Also, it doesnt say that it is 4x2 (rear wheel drive). I think that this is a fraud because that salesman told me that it is 4x4. And I think that it is deceptive advertising too.The salesman doesnt work in the dealership anymore. What should I do? I consulted a lawyer online and she is also asking for the window sticker. Is the 4x4 emblem not enough to prove that we were jipped? Thanks.

    In our contract it says that the Cash Price of Motor Vehicle and accessories is $ 21,815. I found this website saying that jeep chrysler dropped their prices for Jeep Liberty 2008. Here's the link: "MSRP for the Jeep Liberty Sport 4x2 is $20,990 and $22,600 for 4x4 models (including $660 destination). The Jeep Liberty Sport 4x2 has been reduced by $1,270 and has added $800 more content. The Jeep Liberty Sport 4x4 has been reduced by $1,170 and has added $900 more content."

    I consulted a lawyer/legal advisors and she said that we have a case. I was told that there is such a thing as " Meeting of the minds". When I traded my 4x4 Nissan Xterra, I had agreed to buy a Jeep Liberty 4x4. If I knew that it was a 4x2 I would never have pulled the trigger. The first thing I asked when I saw the SUV was how do I switch to 4x4 since it doesnt have the extra shifting gear like the Xterra. The salesperson told me that it's on All wheel drive all the time. So last month when I found out that this was not a 4x4, that voids the contract. ( We didn't have the 'meeting of the Minds).

    Wow! What a mess and certainly one for the lawyers. Devil's advocate here. Because anybody can go to the parts department and buy an original 4X4 emblem and put it on themselves, I don't think having one on your Liberty is evidence enough to win. I understand that someone at the factory made the mistake and put it on there, but what would prevent someone from putting one on and then crying foul to get the dealership or factory to buy it back after 2 or 3 years. Unfortunately, that goes for what your sales person said. Probably not going to fly. But I think you should be able to get a reprinted window sticker through the dealership. EDIT: Information on getting a reprinted Jeep window sticker. I know they are available and I know that your dealer should be able to help, but if not, here you go.

    They got ripped off. No way the sales person did not know the difference between a 4x2 and a 4x4. I don't even think a Jeep Liberty has an "all time 4x4 option" (see below). The price is about 3k difference (4x2 Vs 4x4), but that is the difference between invoice and msrp. Granted as a cosumer you should be asking all the right questions, but this whole thing has a very fishy smell to it. If the dealer is unwilling to do anything for you I would at least write a letter to the editor at the local newspaper and describe the situation. ******************** At least this Jeep is very competitive on the cost side. A 4x2 Liberty Sport starts at $20,990, while the part-time four-wheel-drive Command-Trac version will add $1,610 to the bottom line. The better-equipped Limited starts at $25,175 for a 4x2, and the Limited with Command-Trac four-wheel drive is $26,785. No price has yet been announced for the full-time four-wheel-drive system. But the power-retractable canvas roof is $1,200.

    Admittedly, you have no case. There is no window sticker or other paperwork indicating the vehicle is a 4x4. Your belief is fraud due to a 4x4 emblem and a salesperson's verbal word. Who put the 4x4 emblem on the vehicle? Jeep on the assembly line? Then Jeep is a defendant. The dealership? Then the dealership is a defendant. Someone who worked at the dealer, like the salesperson? Then they and the dealer are defendants. Naturally their first defense will be you put the emblem on there in the three years since it was purchased. As the one bringing the suit you are the one who has to prove they committed fraud. It's not on them to prove they did not. Even if Jeep did add the emblem on the assembly line they could offer a defense as to why and whether or not you were overcharged for the vehicle or even misled. Auto manufacturers employ a large network of legal staff ready to defend all types of cases. Daimler-Chrysler was one of the companies known to "bury a plaintiff" with filings and costs. One case they ran up litigation over $100,000 due to a family wanting to lemon out a minivan. The van had issues and rather than make it right they fought it to the extent of multiple times what that vehicle was worth. Without a really defined case an attorney is not going to risk the money it would cost to pursue one. While not impossible you have a large mountain to climb and would have to put forth some effort to collect the information you need before getting an attorney to help.

    I think the emblem's enuf. That says 4x and the VIN says 2x. Jeep dealers are the experts in Jeeps, they have a professional duty to know at least the basics of what they'r selling and the VIN tells them that. I dont see why the sticker's relevant, and I dont believe they dont have copies of it. Then there's the price, which did you pay, 2x or 4x? If you paid a price typical of a 4x, that's in your favor. In view of a possible trial, try to get as much confirmation from various Jeep sources about the "factory defect" emblem. Maybe take it some local Jeep dealers' service depts and ask questions about the 4x. They'l say it doesnt have 4x, and you ask why not since the emblem says it does. Call the factory & Jeep Zone & regional managers & HeadQuarters. Keep records of names n job titles and what they say. If you get some local Jeep personnel to confirm what the New Hampshire manager said about the "factory defect emblem" you can subpoena them if Jeep would be so foolish as to force this into court. Take someone w/u as a witness who would testify in court to what Jeep said. If it's a factory defect as the manager said, there are probably Tech Service Bulletins, TSB's, on it. When the local dealers tell you about the VIN/emblem discrepancy, ask for a copy of the TSB's on it and any other similiar docs like Memos, Advisories, Alerts, Notifications, Service Campaigns, etc. You can get the TSB's online, duno bout the others. Call about 10 local lawyers from the yellow pages who practice this kind of law and ask advice. I've done this, and most are very helpful. Research New Hampshire law and see if your contract has any flaws in it. Maybe flaws like those in thousands of mortgage docs by Citibank, etc, that stopped them from foreclosing. Once you know all you can about the emblem defect and the law, drop the hammer on Jeep w/ your demands. Seems you have em by the throat but they'l likely make you prove your case to them. I was in a similar situation w/ Honda, and after 6 wks of them hanging up on me and slamming doors in my face, I got em to buy back my new-repo Accord that they botched a accident repair job on with the body & paint. I doubt they'l force it into court, but if they do, you you'l want max documentation. I've tried and won some small claims cases in New Hampshire w/o being a lawyer. It has a Special Part where the limit, the max you can sue for, is $15,000 last time I checked, so that's greatly in your favor, depending on what compensation you want. The regular small claims part is only $3k. I assume altho this happened in CA, you can sue Jeep, LLC in NJ. Get informed, be relentless, and you'l likely profit. Works for me.

    That's why we do everything, including a Better Business Bureau check on the dealership and a CarFax or AutoCheck search, price comparisons, and keep the print-out of the ad, business cards and contract. However, it didn't occur to me to keep the window sticker. Of course, our Jeep Wrangler has to be put into 4 wheel drive, so we were able to check it out when we test drove it. I guess you are out of luck. Anybody, including you, could have put on the 4 x 4 emblem. I think you can buy all that, in chrome if you can pay that much. You could try a Better Business Bureau complaint and contact the state's attorney general's office and file a complaint. Another thought. Do you have a dated photo of the Jeep with the emblem showing? Of course, it's fraud. Be very specific and don't throw around accusations, but you could also find some places online to complain, too. I know there is one called ripoffreport.com. I guess we'll also call the manufacturer in the future and have everything put into the contract. Just terrible. The owner's manuals are so generic that they cover all possible configurations of the model. Maybe you can find the salesperson. They do move around a lot. Good luck.

    I possess a restore shop,and that i work on numerous these,its mainly rear wheel pressure,simplest four wheel force while you put it in or it mechanically comes in ,if its manual lock in you,ll have both a shifter in the flooring or a button on the sprint subject to lock it in with,just right success with it,i am hoping this help,s.

    Your contract has a total price on it. There is a difference in the list price of a 4WD then a 2WD. If you paid for a 2wd you probably don't have much of a case.

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  • Mackenzie Bartell
    Mackenzie Bartell
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  • Meaghan Wyman
    Meaghan Wyman
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    Gordon Boyer
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    Wyatt Hettinger
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    Karlie Russel
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    Myrtle Casper
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