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    We have been renting from a property management company for 3 years now. We just found out today that our landlord had the home we live in up for auction. Nobody bought it, so it went into foreclosure, and now the bank owns it. Well. The bank told us today we need to leave. They said we had 3 choices. 1. We can sign a lease for a month and a half, after that we need to be gone, or 2.We can do a cash for keys program where if we movve out in the next week they'll give us $800. 3. An eviction process, that will take 6 weeks. I heard that we actually have 90 days until an officer comes to evict us? Can anyone help us with this. Do we REALLY have 90 days? I live in Ft. Worth Texas. How long do we really have if need be? Thank you in advance!

    There is no 90 day protection, but you can drag it out for 90 days or longer by appearing in court to oppose the eviction, including postponements and appeals. So, let's see, they're offering you a lease for 6 weeks in which you have to pay for the privilege of moving, or you can refuse to pay in which they initiate eviction procedures that will take 6 weeks. I don't know what your rent is, but around the Metroplex, $800 is the equivalent of one month's rent on a cheap apartment. Not much of an incentive to get out in a single week, considering the added cost of moving expenses and deposits and finding another residence. Certainly it's in their financial best interest to offer you a much better deal than that ridiculous collection of threats.

    As far as I can tell, in New Hampshire there is no 90 day protection. Unfortunately renters are really getting shafted in the current wave of foreclosures, as the laws were not really written with them in mind. Actually the bank is being fairly generous to you by some accounts. Some suggestions: See if the bank is interested in a lease purchase, where your rent might increase slightly, but a portion will go to your eventual home purchase in a few years, if that fits your plans. Offer to maintain the property (a big issue for banks) in returned for extended stay privileges. If its a smaller bank, you might have some luck, the nationals have less room to maneuver.

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