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    Okay where to begin? 1.) I have worked at the Compton Fashion Center for over one year and 3 months. I have been humiliated in front of others, and when others were not there. 2.) I also get only $ 30 dollars for one day. I only get about $ 130.00 per week. 3.) This is a family owned business and well it's just me and mom. And well for the whole time that I was there I did mostly everything for her and yet? She just does not how to really handle her own money issues since she keeps borrowing money and I get it all back eventually, that's not why I am, mad. I am, mad because she keeps writing post-it- checks the ones where you write the later due date and you go to pay with cash like 2-3 days before the people that she bought items from deposits the check into there own bank account. And not only that I have doubts about what makes you an actual parent? Well earlier in the year my mom opened her mouth and said let's give dad his birthday present as a money gift so he can go to school this year. I had to save about 2k from working with my mom and my brother pitched in about 1k and that's about 3k all together from us to dad. He's old and still going to school I wonder? And so he's off in his own little world now. So can't do anything about that. And now this is where the real pain begins. I was yelled at because I did something bad and it's all my fault too! So I just needed some thing like another way to look at it you know? I gave money to another person when she gave me fake money and I didn't know about it until my mom came back from her break. This is the first time that this happened to us in Compton and I didn't know. During the whole time she just got mad and mad and even more mad to where she just told me not to come back to the store with her and I just stay at home since I was useless, and wouldn't be able to find work anywhere else since I was just plain stupid. And customers were looking at me and my mom getting mad at me the whole day. And that's about it I am, just so hurt and in pain since this all happened today I just wanted some advice on what would be the best thing to do here? And I also have a college loan that I am, still trying to pay off and I still have about 2,800 I could have just been more than half done with my loan but, no I had to give to my old dad who couldn't go to school and wanted to give up on his own life long career that started from when I was born and still he's going to school? What the fudge man? I would open the store, sweep, re-stock, inventory, pricing, and sometimes re-pricing when prices went up and or down on some products, did the cashier, directed customers to various merchandise, told customers where products were in what aisle and section of the store, and sometimes order food for both of us, reminded her of what she needed to get for the store, and I would close the store and I would drive both of us from home to store back to back for six days a week. And now she does not want me to be there at all plus she has rheumatoid arthritis and she's about 55 years old and kind of very fat and can't do anything of these listed above unless I help her since my dad has a night job and he needs to rest during the day and plus he's lazy old bum who hates helping. It's beneath him he thinks. And my older brother goes to work and I am, stuck with her for the whole week but, now I am mad and she forgot everything by now since other people who work with her had to give her advice and everything and they agreed with her since they been there for like 20 years or something. My mom is on her 2nd year being in Compton and she complains about I didn't sell one more product and everything else like that she just sits there at the counter all day for six days and everything is done by me. I am, not too sure on what to do here? I hate having things to do for her and just want to depend on someone else when my dad and brother don't want to have anything to do with the store even though it's on my brother's name and my mom and me are just running it until it gets sold for my mom's asking price is at $ 20,000 dollars at Compton. Well if you are interested then come on by and say hello. It's at 2100 N. Long Beach Blvd. Compton New Hampshire 90221 and it's at the way back of the building. Our store is located at ST 16-17. Only for those whom are interested though.

    My dad already used up all of the money for himself anyway, he used it to pay for his own school!!! He didn't want to help me try to understand what the federal grants were all about. Since he did tell me that he knew about it but, he just did his own thing and wanted me to figure things out for myself. Which in conclusion is what??? I just don't think that I can even look him in the eye anymore. I am, also trying to make thanks giving dinner for this year so yeah. I just hope that everything just blows over nicely during the holidays for everyone too! Have a very nice thanksgiving and a very happy and a Merry Christmas too! Since I hope that everything just works out for this year! And next year who knows? Maybe something good will come out of all this hopefully? Well then yeah have a nice one people.

    Is this a family owned business? It sounds like it. Regardless of what it is or who owns it, you need to get out of there and get your own life. These people are using, abusing, and misusing you to no end. There is NO reason for these people to treat you like this. Your mother sounds like a lazy slob to me. And what the hell did your father do with all that money if he didnt go to school???? Save your money, find another job......DONT tell them about it! And when you have your own job and some money in the bank, then you can get your own place. Get out of there. These people are dragging you down. You dont need it. They are grown adults, they can take care of themselves. And you certainly DONT need to be giving them any money....or anybody else for that matter. Get out and get your own life. Get a roommate if you have too. Just get out of there.

    Do no longer. I repeat do no longer leave your pastime. your loved ones is reckoning on your earnings. you are able to take on line instructions and obtain a graduate degree. there is no ought to bypass to pursue this quest. I won my masters from Amberton college. it somewhat is authorised and that i achieved all classes on line. i'm an authorized instructor. tell your spouse to grow to be acquainted with the college district. If she isn't qualified, she ought to seek for certification in a severe call for field like specific preparation,math or technological awareness. there's a possiblilty that lots of the teachers at the instant working are actually not qualified. if it is so, whilst an authorized instructor applies for the pastime held via a non qualified instructor the qualified instructor is often employed and the non qualified instructor is enable bypass. yet another selection on your spouse is to be a exchange instructor. whilst an entire time coaching place is obtainable, she might have a sturdy hazard of being employed by way of fact of her adventure. She could additionally evaluate commencing a house based employer. this might enable her to have something to artwork on and can preclude her from starting to be depressed. If she comes to a decision to start a employer, she ought to comprehend that it will take a on an identical time as for her to actual be waiting to pay herself a gross sales. She should additionally comprehend that the employer must be something that she enjoys and has a income ability. examine the item decrease than approximately the thank you to go with a employer. To get employer strategies, click the authors call ( toking). the author has written incredibly much 70 articles approximately the thank you to start quite a few agencies. What ever your selection, I desire you the better of success.

Im taking an online math class i dont understand this. can some one help me?

  • Eve Rowe
    Eve Rowe
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