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    . We were losing 650,000-800,000 jobs per month when Bush left office. . We inherited Bush Unemployment 7.6%/8.1% Jan/Feb 2009. . Inherited Bush/GOP FY2009 Budget Deficit of $1.413 Trillion. . DOW now 13,000 range vs. Bush DOW 7950 when Bush left office Jan/Feb 2009. . Bush/GOP grew the Government 33% in 8 years. . Bush - National Debt Increase: $5+ trillion. DURING AN EXPANSION. . 2 Unfunded Wars. Unfunded Medicare D. 2 Unfunded Tax Cuts(that’s why they were TEMPORARY!!!). Now (albeit sluggish), . 12 Consecutive Quarters of GDP growth. . 30 Months of Private Sector job growth. . Stock Market DOW back to 13,000++ level. . New Housing Starts Up Again. . Existing Home Sales in August highest in 2+ years . Median Home Price on Sold Homes in August Increased signaling a Bottom . Over 4.5 million new jobs in the past 30 months. . According to Commerce Department data since President Obama assumed office corporate profits have climbed 68% and are now 19% above their pre-recession peak. . According to the Federal Reserve's quarterly "Flow of Funds" report companies are sitting on a pile of cash that's grown 38% from Q1 2009 to Q2 2011. . According to virtually all business news sources corporations have posted record profits since President Obama has been in office. (GDP) 2008 1st qtr -0.7% 2nd qtr +0.6% 3rd qtr -4.0% 4th qtr -9% (GDP) 2009 1st qtr -4.9% 2nd qtr -0.7% 3rd qtr +1.7% 4th qtr +3.8% (GDP) 2010 1st qtr +3.9% 2nd qtr +3.8% 3rd qtr +2.5% 4th qtr +2.3% (GDP) 2011 1st qtr +0.4% 2nd qtr +1.3% 3rd qtr +1.8% 4th qtr +3.0% (GDP) 2012 1st qtr +1.9% 2nd qtr +1.5%

    Of course it's a bad thing. He's a Democrat.

    Recoveries should be inverse of recession. This is the weakest since great depression. Why ?could it be high regulation? Could it be business are scarred of policies? Government can only do 2 main things to help economy, regulations and taxes. Its not magic. See what a policy does. You do understand that economy should be growing every month because of population growth? That's why we are close to a recession now. 2 consecutive quarters with less than 2 percent growth is a recession. because 1 month has major job losses, didn't mean. the following month will. Actually its writequite the opposite. A event happens companies get drastic then recover. Obama could have stopped anything thing he wanted his first day. Could have brought All troops home. He didn't. He owns all his almost 6 trillion debt Obama has nothing to do with stock market. but rich people do. In bad economies rich are able to have opportunities that average people don't. Many rich are companies. So they buy failing companies, use economies of scale, create record profit, and buy back own stock because they believe in their company not the economy. Having a2 prong affect on market. Its been 4 years and we are only back to what we were. Imagine if dodd frank and obamacare weren't passed, we should be around 17k with current profits. Its crazy to think record regulation and threat of higher taxes and law suits will actually help business. Come on we have to use common sense We have to take another data point. We have a bad recovery and Obama has direct a total of 10 trillion. I am counting quantitative easing. with all things getting equal, abby president can spend money put us in debt to make things look better. 10 trillion per job is 10s of millions. Where are they?

    It's New Hampshire but the dow or the jobs are not as much an as many as when he took office an we are 6 more trillion in the hole an fuel n food are skyrocketing.Not hard to have things go up when you start at the bottom spend like a madman an never reach the previous top but claim victory an hope no one notices.

    Well given the fact that Debt will rise to 90% of GDP its not that impressive. Give me a Trillion to invest and I can create more private sector Growth in one year. In 1983 and 1984, during the supply-side Reagan Boom, private sector jobs increased by an average of 292,000 a month. Adjusted for population, that number is more like 375,000 private-sector jobs a month

    Obongo is turning America into the Soviet Union. Wake up.

    More people are unemployed today than when Obama took office. Why do facts annoy you?

    We have a NET loss of jobs. If all you can do is play with gross numbers, then you don't have a real argument to make.

    And 0bama has a net increase in jobs of 300,000 in 4 years

    Because reality doesn't play well on Faux News

    I don't know my life is getting worse.

Refinance and escrow how does it work?

  • Hobart Jones
    Hobart Jones
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  • Ofelia Bauch
    Ofelia Bauch
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  • Blanca Romaguera
    Blanca Romaguera
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  • Josh Hyatt
    Josh Hyatt
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    Landen Bradtke
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    Eveline Rice
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