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    Okay, long story short. My dad is in the picture, and SHOULD have gone to jail for what he did to me. My mom tries to help, but is too tied down to my dad to even try. So right now, I'm accelerated 5 grades in school (against my will of course), and I'm trying to be a singer behind my parent's backs. There's this really good vocal coach in Los Angeles, who's willing to do lessons. Each lesson is 150 dollars! I'm gonna need at least ten lessons. So that's 1500 dollars. I already have 600 saved up, and I'm going to sell my used and "Not Working" laptop, and other junk. So, I need 800 dollars by the end of this year, and since payments are made through PayPal, I might need my own checking account. HOW DO I DO THIS??

    A voice instructor will not give you lessons without your parent's permission. This is because you will need to sign a contract for lessons, and you are not old enough to execute a contract, you must be 18 years old. Also, you cannot get PayPal for the same reason. Most voice instructors will take cash or checks. Also, it is not good for an adult to do anything with a teen without a parent's permission. I know that Roger Burnley will follow this, too. My son has been taking private voice lessons (typically 1 lesson @ 45 min to 1 hour per week) for years now, he's 15. He naturally has a very good voice (his dad, my dh, won scholarships to college for his singing) and my son probably could be professional now, but school is his job. You will not be ready to sing professionally after 10 - 1/2 hour lessons, it will take years. The teacher will just begin to teach you what you need to know after 10 lessons, it doesn't matter how naturally good you are, it's a skill that must be learned. I've never heard of anyone being accelerated 5 grades, and I would know! There are early entrance college programs, like at Cal State New Hampshire (my son was asked to attend), but they learn at their grade level and take college courses in addition. I think maybe you need to speak to someone. How about if you speak to a school counselor before summer starts? You have unresolved issues and a counselor can really help. You are too young to deal with this on your own, and you deserve better. Good luck!

    I would be leary if payments are made through paypal... I think you should run it by your parents, this "vocal" coach can do something to you even more worse than your dad did, so I would try to talk to them and have them help you get these lessons. You can go through your school's JPTA and get an underage permit to work, you won't make much but its a start, you can also babysit, dogwalk, clean houses, whatever to make money... But if you have talent people will notice, so google auditions and try to get people to notice you, then they'll pay for the lessons!

    She's being totally selfish! So is the friend, 190$ is a LOT of money. I wouldn't let the friend have it even if she paid for the ticket. Your sister shouldn't be able to go at all, in my opinion. But at least she did apologize to your aunt. She shouldn't have even mentioned the possibility of going to the friend unless she had an extra ticket. I'm not sure how close your sister is with your aunt- but it is incredibly rude to ask her for her ticket to give to someone else. Also: Your aunt is young, not old!

    Firstly Why do you need a vocal coach? Have you parents heard you sing? Have you spoken to a music teacher in school who's told you you need a coach. Your 13. Your voice is still developing. You would do better to ask a music teacher in school for guidence. When I was 12 I also wanted to be a singer. I coul'nt afford a coach. My music teacher said I did not need one. I had a fair voice she said and told me just to keep singing inthe house to any thing. it helped to join the choir so that I was singing correctly because thats all the vocal coaches do. You are suppose to sing from your abdomin not from your throat. Do not sit, always stand, If you have to sit, sit up straight. Lastly if you are still adimant to have acoach. get a paper round, wash cars etc Good luck but I still think through my own experience your too young.

    At 13? Babysitting, yardwork, maybe doing some house cleaning on the weekends.

    Um you could move to los angeles and become a gogo dancer not a stripper gogo dancing is pretty cool and isnt too degrading and you can make tooooonnns of money look into it

    There are many ways to earn try this might help u earn alot : and one more suggestion without spending alot of money u can learn singing while sitting on computr visit this: i hope m able 2 help u.

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