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    I used to consider myself a libertarian conservative - liberal on social issues, but conservative on economic issues. I used to buy the whole "government and taxes are the problem" philosophy of Fox News and the Republican party. Cut taxes, and the rich will create jobs, right? Sounds great! But I also read pretty widely, including business magazines as well as both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times (how many of you can say the same?). And I started to realize I'd been duped. Let me explain: We're told that the national deficit and debt is dangerously high and caused by "out of control social spending", which is supposed to conjure up images of "lazy people who just don't want to work living it up on welfare, food stamps, etc." Oh, and also "overpaid teachers, firefighters and cops" - (how dare they expect to get a pension after working their whole lives?) The answer? Slash social spending and cut taxes. That's always the answer, right? But wait a minute - maybe NOT. Let's think about this: We've been cutting taxes (from 90% all the way down to 15% on people making tens of millions or even a billion dollars/year!) and cutting social spending for the last 30 or 40 years, under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Has it worked? You tell me! Taxes are at a record low, the deficit and national debt are at record highs. Unemployment is high, economic growth is low. All those jobs the rich were supposed to create if we only kept slashing their taxes? New Jersey CHINA - that's where they created jobs. The only appreciable trend over these last 40 years is that the super-rich have taken a larger and larger share of the national income for themselves, while the rest of us (bottom 99% or so) have suffered declining real incomes, disappearing pensions, increasing job insecurity, skyrocketing costs for health care and education, gasoline, food, etc. Let's also look at where 30 years of "deregulation" of business has gotten us: increasingly devastating bubbles and crashes in the economy. We've had 3 or 4 in the last 30 years, each worse than the last. In 2008, 10 million jobs were wiped out, people fired, home equity lost, savings/investments/pensions lost, stress through the roof, depression, marital strife, divorce, broken children, unemployment, homelessness, suicide, etc. Does anybody care? Apparently not! Who has gone to jail for creating the housing bubble and financial crash? *Nobody*. Now the real reason for the skyrocketing deficit: when you wipe out 10 million jobs, income tax revenue on those incomes evaporates. When people are unemployed and have little or no money to spend, sales tax revenue goes down. When you destroy home values by 40 percent nationwide, property tax revenue declines by that much too. When real estate and stock values go down, capital gains tax revenue goes down. At the same time, we can't simply throw 10 million hard-working Americans into the streets to starve with NOTHING - there would be a revolution. So we pacify these broken people with unemployment insurance and food stamps... pitiful sums barely enough to survive on. OH, and let's not forget - TRILLIONS of tax dollars spent to bail out the "too big to fail" bankers (not just banks - BANKERS) so they wouldn't miss their multi-million dollar "bonuses" for even one year! Isn't THAT the reason the deficit and debt have gone up? Isn't the real solution to raise taxes dramatically on the super-rich, since they're the ones making all the money) and corporations (the biggest pay ZERO tax many years, and typically no more than 10% - forget about the lie of 35% highest corporate tax rate - NOBODY pays that). And force US companies to hire only American citizens until our unemployment rate is 0%? Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and some others all have very high tax rates, a generous social safety net including universal health insurance and guess what? Their economies are doing JUST FINE! And citizens of these countries have the highest average standards of living in the world. Don't you feel totally duped by Fox and the Republican party like I do? We're all being SCREWED! NONE of us are billionaires, and none of us are likely to ever be even millionaires, so why are we supporting these bastards and their neo-feudal plans to reduce us all to poverty and serf-dom?

    There are flaws in your argument 1. Tax revenues are higher than they have ever been. 2. Spending is higher than it has ever been. Cut spending first. Government spending has doubled...DOUBLED over the last decade.

    Your theory is flawed. Income taxes may be lower than before, but your forgetting corporate tax, and capital gains tax, and payroll tax. We have not cut entitle programs we have grown, expanded and created new ones. I agree the banks should not have been bailed out, but the reason they were is because government coerced them to loan to people who would normally present more of a risk, and guess what happened. We have thousands of homeowners who can't afford their homes and go into foreclosure, when in reality they probably should not have gotten the loan in the first place. Also because of these huge deficits we are paying over 20 billion a month just on interest, and guess what the interest rates are low. You also are not considering inflation which plays a huge roll, and all the regulations we have today that we did not years ago from the epa to the cdc. This costs business huge money. Germany, austria and the netherlands economy's are not doing just fine, and you cannot compare America which has over 310 million people, with loads of entitlement programs to these other countries, there are to many factors. Remember when government was small, taxes were low and business, economy, and jobs were booming? When a family could live comfortably on 1 income? High taxes did not do that.

    Social spending has been increasing not decreasing. The problem with those pensions is that government employees game the system, working overtime and such their final year to have an artificially high salary that their pension is based upon. Former Mayor Daley of Chicago just did that also, "working" one month at a job to increase his pension by 10s of thousands dollars a year. Most of the banks have already paid back those loans.

    What 30 years of deregulation? The federal government alone writes more than 70,000 pages of new rules every single year. Even if there were significant deregulation I defy you to show me how that had any impact on the crash of 2008? Hell, federal regulators had offices in Lehman Brothers headquarters and they still didn't know what was going on!

    WHOA!!! how did you get ANYONE to read all that, let alone 5 people!!!???????????????? I can't even get an answer on P&S when I write more than 3 lines in the text, wt F?? Anyway what's a tea bagger? I love tea but I do know it's about sex so censored it' for the TOUS ok? I'm a Ron Paul fan. Get your Ron Paul 2012 t-shirt now our operators are standing by. Just $19.95 if you call within the next 3 min shipping is free and you get another free tshirt for your mom or your friend for just $21.95 extra shipping!! :-D

    Is there a question in here somewhere? The only people I see trying to reduce us all to poverty and serfdom are democrats. I find it hard to believe you were ever a conservative. Just another liberal pretending. Sounds to me like you bought the whole package the democrats want to sell you. Are you interested in a couple of bridges, I have 2 here in Tacoma i want to sell you.

    You got it all figured out, genius. Relax everything is alright in your diluted head

    Wyy would you even post this? You know all it's going to do is cause people to argue and bost their opinions about why your views are wrong compared to theirs....

Is there a website where I can find out how much money i owe on my student loans?

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    Christine Tremblay
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    Vesta Prohaska
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