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    Hi all, Kindly put me out of my misery.... I have been on JSA for year and half now. It used to be a joint claim with my wife.But lately due to her moving out to Bed & Breakfast last week, my JSA claim will become single claim (once all paperwork is processed). I am seriously short in cash cause now that my claim will be treated as single, I will lose the child ta credit I was getting and the JSA will be cut to half i.e from £102 per week to £65 per week. In light of that, I am looking to rent my bedroom (I have a 1 bed flat, so I will have to be sleeping in the living room) for £600 to £800 per month i.e between £150 to £200 per week. How will the fact that if I get a lodger living in and paying me £150 per week effect my JSA payments. Bear in mind that currently being a leaseholder, my mortgage interest is being covered. So will it means I will lose the £65 per week and also the motgage interest that is being covered curently New Jersey Is it that I will still get my mortgage interest covered but have my JSA payment of £65pw reduced or cut down to zero. Much appreciated if you could come forward and reply Alex

    Can't answer the direct question, but you'll be very lucky to get this much rent for a room in this situation unless you are in central London, and even then I don't think it is going to happen. It is also over the rent a room allowance of £4250 a year so you'll be taxed on it. All I can think of is to rent the whole flat out, which may get you the amount you are thinking of, and then rent a room yourself somewhere. very difficult I know.

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  • Cynthia Adams
    Cynthia Adams
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  • Nigel Hudson
    Nigel Hudson
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  • Theresia Daugherty
    Theresia Daugherty
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  • Crystel Turner
    Crystel Turner
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