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    I just spilled milk on my retina macbook pro's speaker. The amount wasn't great, but still about a table spoon or so. The speaker is now no longer working, but everything else seems to be working fine. Should I be worried/what do I do now? Please help, this is a pretty expensive machine and so I would like to get an urgent answer.

    Well you are going to find this hard to believe,if your computer is damaged from liquid the price to fix at Apple is $800.If it's a $1 part or a $100 parts that what it is.So if you are going to take it in, go to best buy or a computer repair shop.Apple does not sale accident protection for any of their laptops.The only reason I can think is because the make so much money on those types of repairs.If you buy from best buy you can add accident protection from them but not from apple.Since your computer is working you may not get stuck with the $800 liquid spill charge,but I would not bet on it.

    Spilled Liquid On Macbook Pro

    If it is worth a couple of hours work, you probably can fix it––BUT you sure as heck need to TURN IT OFF NOW. Here are the three answers you often see for the "spilled liquid" issue. My answer is #3..... There are always three popular answers: (1) Do nothing, except hope and pray all is well. (2) Put the computer in a close up bag of rice. (Stop laughing.) {{Not my recommendation: DO NOT CLOSE IT UP New Jersey A BAG WITH UNCOOKED RICE AND PUT IT New Jersey THE DIRECT SUNLIGHT. I know, sounds idiotic, but that is a wild rumor circulating on the web. promise you, if anyone gets a computer to dry out that is closed up in a bag of rice, it is just the time waiting, nothing to do with the bag or the rice. RICE IS NOT A DESICCANT! People just think it is, because if they put some in a salt shaker, the rice breaks up the salt clumps simply by collision as you shake it. Try putting a pair of wet socks in a bag of rice for two days and see how dry they get!!!!}} (3) Because some water can still be inside and can move a bit to damage even more, I suggest you follow these six steps.... STEP 1 : Turn it off and do not turn it on again until after completing the following five steps. STEP 2 : Remove the top case. (Link to DIY take-apart guide below) STEP 3 : Swab the top case / keyboard with a clean cloth dampened (not dripping) with hot water.… if the liquid was not plain water. STEP 4 : Swab off the logic board only on the sticky places. Do this with a friend holding the notebook upside down so the water only drips off, not in. After swabbing, leave it upside down as explained in the next step. STEP 5 : Dry it out for 24 hours in San Diego's dry climate or 48 hours in New Orleans wet climate. STEP 6 : Put the thing back together. <0-0>

    I doubt that it was just the speaker. The liquid might have reached the audio circuit and shorted it. Are you getting sound from the circuit when you use earphones? EDIT: You are right, that's not covered by warranty because it's considered mishandling, not a factory defect. Sure they will fix it, but for a price for the parts if there's something that needs to be replaced. However, you just might get a freebie if they waive the service charge if it is barely a year old. Good luck!

    Yes, you should be worried. Liquid related damage to MacBooks are a a problematic issue, so you should consult your warranty for repairs and/or a replacement as your speaker is no longer working..

    Are you sure its physical damage to the speaker? If the computer shut down and never logged off it could be a problem with the drives. Try rebooting your computer and see if that restores the sound. GL

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