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    $1500ish I HATE WASTING TIME WAITING FOR MY EDITS!!! I NEED A FAST ONE, TOO. A few key points: Preference is 15 inch with numerals on right side; back lit keyboard; battery life isn't priority; internal vs. external DVD player doesn't matter,use of function keys a must; need as many ports as possible; webcam is a yes. I am NOT a gamer, nor would the computer be used for that (if it matters); I definitely want the sleek new, light weigh design; I use an iPad; iPhone, iPod, etc. but haven't EVER used a mac. However, can get Windows Professional for $40 and stuff like that as an educator, so if I chose a Mac, I wouldn't even know what to buy to install. Want to learn and use Windows 8 , but can wait if that will save me a ton of money.... For me, time = money AND I've now spent well over 100 hrs searching and educating myself (loving this) to no avail...OMG, no idea how many options available. The more I read, the more expensive my "needs" become. Started w $800 limit, but banking error just credited account $1000-sweet! Obviously, it's time for some experts, like you, who aren't salesmen trying to make a commission. Perhaps I am "that" former teacher who held your hand and made a real difference in your life. (plea for honest advice, support, also accepting cash donations, as well...chuckle, chuckle) Lastly, after 25 years in the classroom, I've created some amazing visuals and have been told I should sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers, these learning resources are multi color-coded graphics etc. $50,000 for 25 years without a raise in 7 years stinks! If I can buy a computer that WON'T MAKE New Jersey CRAZY WAITING FOR MY EDITS AND TAKE 6 HOURS TO MAKE, THAN THAT IS WHAT I WANT! ASAP So...Acer, Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba? HELP! Plus it's Father's Day weekend, great deals and bargains. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY AND ALL HELP! XOXOXO

    13in MacBook Pro 2.9 GHz. You want fast? You got fast. But Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop will be a separate purchase. 1,499$. Or A Samsung Ultrabook which is about 800$-1500$ provides the same as the low-end Mac but runs Windows 8. Ultrabook is touch-screen by desiign btw. One thing you need to know: Windows CAN'T dual-boot (have 2 installations of an Operating System) with OSX (OSX is Apple's Mac operating system). Mac on the other hand CAN dual-boot with Windows. My point is that if you probably needed a program that runs on just OSX or Windows, I'd pick Mac cause it can do both.

    I bought a Sony VAIO SVE1512M1EW in January. It's the best Laptop I've ever had and there's also a an upgraded version with a back lit keyboard. I'd recommend a Sony VAIO or Lenovo laptop, I'm not entirely sure what range is available outside of the UK, but if you can find a laptop with similar specifications then you can't go wrong :)

1 800 radiator?

  • Reina Harber
    Reina Harber
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    Reagan Lueilwitz
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