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    I went to the dealer last week to have the oil changed as I did not have time to do it on my own. The cashier called me about an hour later and said that my timing chain was leaking (wtf?). I didn't know chains could leak. I've heard rumors that when the timing belt/chain/gear goes, if you're driving it, so goes the engine. The dealer quoted me $1,400 to fix it! I'm about to move to New Jersey in December to attend school full time. I don't even have a job up there yet. So, I don't have that kind of cash right now. But, then again, this is the same dealer whom quoted me about $800 for a new set of tires. Does anyone have any experience with these sort of things? I know I don't have a clue about cars/trucks. I know how to change the oil, fix a flat, etc. Basic stuff. But, I'm also not a moron and $1,400 for a timing belt change seems pretty asinine.

    Take time to look, with a potential $1400 repair over your head. Timing chains do not leak. Their covers may leak but do you have time to argue with that idiot? The chain runs in oil in an enclosure. Timing belts run in a dry case- oil will destroy a rubber timing belt. There are two different engines for the Tacoma- the 4 cylinder or the 6 cylinder. The amount of work it takes to work on one is different from the amount of work the other one takes. $1400 to change a timing belt seems just plain crazy, but there may be enough complicated work to justify the cost. You can get a whole engine removed and replaced for that much. I never worked on that engine, but I have changed a few timing belts- not Toyotas because they are more complicated. It's a pain in the butt unless the engine is not in the vehicle, and then it's just work. Find out which engine you have and go to the library and look in Chilton's Auto Repair manual to see what timing belt or chain work involves. If there's a leak in that area the job will include replacing seals and gaskets- not rocket science. You pay about $100/Hr for shop repair. Simple cambelt replacement generally costs around $200 for some cars- sometimes more. How much needs to be done to your car will be revealed in the Chilton's manual. It is possible for tires to cost $800 when a shop is charging $100/hr to put them on, and the tires are premium quality. You should check the tire price at America's Tire or Wheelworks. All tires are not equal. Toyota shop prices are written in stone. You might look for another shop, but make sure they do high quality work. Toyotas are hard to work on when they need it, but for as old as your car is *not* I'm surprized with your diagnosis.

    Toyota Timing Chain Replacement

    Well it's a timming belt not a chain,the belt is about $40 the garage will double that,and most garages charge 60 an hr,it's a 2 hr job,so save some money and buy the belt and say you already have the belt all you need is for it to be instaled.

    Timing Cover, not Timing Chain. Or more specifically something behind the Timing Cover.

    You sound like one of the Toyota geeks who always whine every time they brings in their Toyota trucks for service. Toyota's are hard and expensive to work on! My husband changed one on this whiners Tacoma truck last month and charged him around $1,300! If you aren't a moron, do it yourself. Problem solved!

    I just did one and it's a pain in the butt! I quoted the guy $1,250 and the book said to charge $1,500. Sure, don't be asinine, show them and don't change it!

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