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    I make 1,200 a month as a cna. My husband makes 800-1,000 a month as a waiter including tips. Combined on average we bring in 25,000 a year. Our rent is 725 a month. Our electric is 100 a month. We both have used cars we purchased for 3,000 each. We each pay 100 a month in car insurance. That brings us to 1,025. Then we spend 100 a week on groceries. That's almost 1,500 a month. Then there's gas...which kills us we end up spending 150 each every two weeks that's 600 a month now we're up to 2,100 a month. That leaves us with nothing extra and spending over 24,000 a year. It's tight and we don't have credit cards and we're barely skating by. Do we meet the criteria for foods stamps and other assistance? I want to ask before I apply because I'll be embarrassed if I get turned down.

    Dont be embarrassed, everyone needs some help every once in a while. I am not sure if you will qualify for anything or not, but it is worth a shot to try. I live in New Jersey and my sister makes 1100 a month and she is a single parent and they wont give her any cash assistance, but she gets a little bit of food stamps.

    When my parents applied here in CA, since it was 2 of them working the lady said it had to be less than 1800 dollars between both of them so we were denied. We showed all of our bills and she was like "NO SORRY THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOUR BILLS THEY CARE ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU MAKE."

Unsure of future...need advice?

  • Harvey McClure
    Harvey McClure
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  • Sincere Kihn
    Sincere Kihn
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