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    Im 15 and I started gambling when I was 9.. you know little stuff like 5$.. its gotten really bad Ive now spent around 700$ and some of my moms money... I keep losing but I know I can win it back if I just had more money... I keep pulling out loans and its destroyed my relationship with my mom because I took some money from her to gamble.... So how do I get over this!!?!??! my family has always been a gambling family and this has made us poor.. I really want to beet this how do I stop?? Its really hard! BTW I know im not 21 but I use my moms account to gamble online or play games that you can trade accounts for irl cash!

    1 800 GAMBLER

    Okay first what you have to get in your head is that you have a one in a million chance of ever winning. And if you haven't done it yet, then your not going to. And by the way, if you see what gambling has done to your family and what you are doing to the relationship with your mother, then why continue the destructive behavior? You need to find a program that specifically deals with gambling and do it head on, no turn backs, no more saying but only if I had more money. Because if you had more money you would only lose it. Obviously, you are a smart person, so why don't you find a more positive outlet for that instead of finding ways to ruin your moms credit? I mean no harm or disrespect, but it sounded like you really needed to hear a word or two.

    Think about something else...get your mind off of it....think of it this way...if you keep gambling your gonna b poor...do you want to be poor?...if ya then keep doing what your doing....if not then have some self control and beat this

    12 step program google it for details

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