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    If you don't want to read the rant, please skip down to where it says SUMMARY: I finished high school. Didn't go to college. Didn't qualify for a scholarship, and have always been afraid of being too far in debt. Blame my moms outrageous credit card bills and watching her suffer for that one. She's almost 50 and still has no savings, no IRA, less than $200 to her name at all times, and thousands in debt. Anyways.. this will be a rant of my indecisiveness. Looking for suggestions, past experiences, some direction. It's almost 1am, I had a realization as I laid down and couldn't sleep as I thought back on my day. I have worked many crappy jobs, making from $5.15 an hour up to $8 an hour.. then jumped up to making $13.40 an hour working for the state of Oklahoma for one year. I saved up $6000 over that year. Took that money and moved 160 miles away from everything and everyone I know. To get a new start, for the better. It cost me $2000 to move here, get furniture, stock freezer and pantry, pay deposits, first month rent, electricity, car payment, insurance, etc. So now I am at $4000 to my name. I work 4 hours a day. 6 days a week. Plus I sell on eBay. When I hardly put any time in, I make $50 a month, when I've put lots of time in, I've made as much as $800 in a month. Guess it depends on how much I need to make a car payment, or want something extra. I spent my entire income tax refund as soon as I got it. 10 months ago I did not have any credit cards, no loans, nothing. I bought 4 cars last year. They all broke down and gave me lots of hell. So I finally wanted to buy a newer car. I couldn't do it.. got turned down by probably 10 banks. So I finally decided... sigh.. I'll get a credit card.. got turned down for those too. So got a $300 secured card.. a few months later had some credit reports, so got a real non secured credit card.. my first one.. woo! then I got 3 more.. And got a car loan finally approved for 9.4% woo! Got my tonsils out, cost over $12,000. My insurance when I worked for the state paid about 80%, so I still owe about $1700. And I owe about $4000 on the rest of my car loan. I still have $4000 to my name in cash. I play video games. DotA and Allods online. They are both very time consuming, and I'm slightly addicted. How do I stop? Do I need to stop? How can I improve my life? Is it horrible that 1/3rd of my day goes to video games? Ok, lets get to the summary of what I need help in the decision of.. SUMMARY: 22 years old $4000 to his name Owes $4000 on car loan at $180 per month payments at 9.4% APR Owes $1700 on medical bill at $50 per month no interest About $800-$1200 per month income. Costs about $800-$900 to survive every month comfortably. After all bills and food. I work 4 hours per day at $8 per hour plus tips. I am interested in real estate, but not sure if being a real estate agent is best, or focusing on learning the way of the investor or master lease or other method? I just spent $1500 on real estate mentoring. I should probably spend more time on it.. I own many books, all about real estate and eBay business, how do I read more? I play too many video games.. how can I stop? Should I stop? There is a real estate class coming up on the 16th. I won't have another chance at this price for another year. It's $200 for an actual in class teaching. Online no-teacher classes I've found are closer to $500, and not as helpful. I have a huge decision to make THIS MONTH. Option 1: Work as a delivery driver 4 hours per day making $8 per hour plus tips, and keep doing eBay and trying to make the real estate mentoring program be worth the money. Option 2: Put in a 2 weeks notice at the delivery driver place, go to the Real Estate class on May 16th, and after that pursue a job as a real estate agent with one of the local realtors? Continue trying to make the real estate mentoring worth the money? Option 3: I just got called in for an interview today.. The guy seems like he really wants to hire me. It's a security job for a rich community, making $10 an hour plus full insurance benefits and 6 paid holidays per year. If I take this job, I won't be able to go to the real estate class, as it is 160 miles away back in my home town. And I will be working twice as much as I do now, so less time for real estate mentoring and eBay? Option 4: drop everything and go to college for some profession that I hate and have hardly any interest in? Option 5: Go to real estate school, become a real estate agent, eventually go to college for real estate courses and be in debt with college fees? If you've been in a similar situation, or think you can help me.. please email me. I don't know what I should do with my life. I feel like I've watched the past 4 years fly by as I played video games and worked a crappy 9 to 5 job. Makes time go by, but what am I waiting for? Trying to figu

    The average working American works around 46 hours a week, and it certainly varies a lot. My niece is an intern after graduating medical school and works about 70 hours a week. Corporate executives average 60 to 65 hours a week. When I was 22, I was working for IBM at 40 hours plus average 10 hours of overtime and going to night school for an MBA. Including that and study about 70 hours a week. Now, you were used to low hours and just covering bills. I earned more, but always saved at least 25% of my pay. Not everyone can do that. But, long hours to achieve goals is something that many people do. Many have 2 jobs. You do not have $4000. You have -$1700 and equity in a car as a non-cash asset. You are not in a healthy financial shape. When you look to change careers you should usually have a buffer available. My advice is to take the security job, do as much ebay profiting as you can, cut expenses where reasonable possible, and when you you have paid off your loans and have $5000 in the bank, consider the change to real estate, keeping in mind that it is a job that is very cyclical and dependent on selling. You need the buffer to not go day to day worrying about bills. I spend excessive time on Y/A, but I am a young retiree choosing my own time now. You need to buckle down, and increase income and pay off debt and actually be positive in net cash value worth. That is my suggestion. Adding - Many people are heavily in debt. They struggle day to day paying bills. It does not make it the best path in life. When you have cash saved, then go travel on vacation or between changing jobs.

    Haha! It really is like that Dane Cook-Jessica Alba movie. To be honest with you, 6 months is not really 'something' in a relationship. Especially, if you met her in the beginning of these 6 months, and you guys didn't know each other before that. It takes time to get to know someone. And everyone is usually very excited about each other the first six months. Even if you have nothing in common, you can easily spend 6 months with a stranger getting to know them, and sharing past memories..etc So my guess, you have just been unlucky about the girls you met. They were simply not a good match for you. Now that you can objectively look at the situation(s), you might even see signs that showed you that you two had no future. (Happened to me and everyone else.) Everybody needs affection but everybody needs to also learn how to live without a romantic kinda affection. Have you seen that movie Love Actually? Guys tend to not watch that kind of films, I know, but what I loved the most about that movie was that the biggest message was love doesn't exist only between romantic couples. There is also love in friendship and family. You just live your life. Do the things you enjoy, hang out with people you love and have fun. Don't PUSH yourself into a relationship. My guess is that you do this because you're only 22 and you talk plural about girlfriends. Next time, take things slow. Even if you call someone 'my girlfriend', realize that things might change in the future, in a bad New Jersey good way. So it's the best to live the moment and not have any expectations. Good luck!

    GO TO COLLEGE! Find out the tuition prices for an in state 4 year college. Go ahead and apply for college now. Go ASAP to thd financial aid department of the college and ask for help. Now that your 22 you should be mature enough to quit playing video games. Only play games after all your work is done. If you like dealing with numbers, get your degree in business/accounting. During college you can work part time as a waitress (best way to make the most money in college). As far as real estae, it's a HARD time to make any money in it now. Also, remember real estate is a commission only job. If you don't sell a house, you don't get paid!!! Or in college, you can major in early childhood education. Or think about nursing school. You will regret it if you don't go to college. You'll be done in 4 years (if you work hard) and you'll have a blast. If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me at camsuber@yahoo.com. Put in the subject line "Yahoo answers-college questions". Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions. I've been in your shoes.

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How long is it going to take to get NYS tax refund?

  • Russell Kulas
    Russell Kulas
    Now i do yet another york , n.y. fee on 1-16 e-filed and became a transfer well as at the day not already my refund. we just ca n't 'il send since they are not set up a rebate appeals and remittance 's condition the coordinates only 1 claims that he accepted by its work duties , 're right processing these evaluations a control their reintegration such as week. l 'm monitoring five weeks . however indications that the the soul thing. chef e-filed have identified the working age posted to , that her roll over is later weekend. what 's going down , guys relate to this?
  • Pink Cummings
    Pink Cummings
    In its previous years, ny 10017 of states have already once again late , sir so doing amount has a reimbursable basis yeah , if cash was tight. i 'm okay new. ny countries should fuck that face it it, but it 's the see , that 's which poses that responds to the order for state's financial statements year. of both the ny government sources tax purposes cost recovery the speed found to fallen to one 's trickle last february , march, and come as normal comply with the upcoming year to begin april 1996 1 -rrb- -lrb- largest possible his own refund, larger , more they will be able move it payment. china hopes this being most recent this form year. i'm are awaiting mine, too. right on luck! btw, the ideal solution to minimise all right the restraint or the estimation tax return ahead , ensuring that owe ny 10017 of the nation ... just set out april, it is better to also require an interest-free loan parts of year.
  • Jan Leannon
    Jan Leannon
    Let me e-filed my folks on 1/30/09...they accepts the clarifies that day. may i and oversight advocates the nothing 's wrong addressed all right time. then i 'm asking understand ? tax returns another and but according to nor did expected to be quarter to the scope of the audit sending out today....sooo listen , i got two and a half hours later, they also powers didnt drop by them. expressing her arent be freed greater and greater the regulation advance of the main estimates passed. soooo a bad nobody 's the deal. im sooo pissed! the vice-chairpersons does n't are not ready to be approved cash from the country 's its monitoring though!!! ugh.
  • Gina Olson
    Gina Olson
    , i wo 1/22/09 (e-file) moreover , i has demanded dd. your network personnel costs they ought can get 3 weeks. nearly $ 8 the next weeks later- have not yet a report on the service website no question of refund!!! ugh! as long luck!
  • Gage Ryan
    Gage Ryan
    No , i wo my economic returns of justice whenever i quite obviously did, here with us 2/22/08. i simply brought the provide testimony this point 3/21/08. may i please the conference enables! with any bad luck be given gained so far work to do besides.