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    I posted a similar question earlier and got some good responses, now its time to put it all together. Which setup would be my best bet for my budget? Or recommend me a setup you would choose. $75ish for a MoBo, $35ish for RAM, and $110ish for a CPU. MoBo CPU New Jersey Or either Mobo/CPU combo for $219 here RAM New Jersey Which would you guys recommend I get? I am trying to build my first computer and want to know which you think I should get? Also any Video card recommendations for gaming no more than $100... im a struggling college student lol.

    Let me 1st say that I don't like any of the 2 mobo/cpu combos for the following reasons: 1.) I would not buy from Biostar 2.) That particular MSI board has issues and a better board with more features can be had at that price point, such as this: USB ports, 8 SATA ports, you have the option to put 3 eSATA ports in the back if u like, supports up to a 1600MHz FSB(only applicable if u overclock), very simple BIOS, EZ overclocking options. Also, the old king of P35s is this board: most positive P35 reviews on newegg, hands down. The DS3R is newer, better, cheaper, and addressed the issue of a warm northbridge. I will admit that I have become a little partial to Gigabyte b/c I know they make quality boards, but I would also buy from Abit, MSI, or Asus. Mobo - Anyway, moving on to your setup. Stick with the board that you have chosen, unless you have some extra cash to upgrade to the DS3R. CPU - For an extra $10, get the E7200. It's worth $10 to have a 33% faster FSB, faster clock speed, and 50% more cache. Not only that, you can overclock the snot out of it. The cpus the guy above mentioned are great, but it's too far outside the budget. RAM - If money permits, stick to the Patriot RAM you chose. It has slightly better timings, and more importantly, it comes with a lifetime warranty. I think the warranty alone is worth the extra $9. (Murphy's law, u know) Oh, and DDR2 800 will work on that board. I know it says 1066 on newegg, but you can verify this on the Gigabyte site if you like. Want to know which graphics cards give the most bang for the buck? Click the link below. Prices have changed since then, so don't be afraid to see what it says beyond your price range.

    A hooker and a Benjie. The Gigabyte is fine, although I prefer the GA-G33M-S2L Wrong CPU...get a nice E6850 or Q6600 OEM Get 667 RAM...you'll never know the difference, unless you are running a 1333 CPU. Hmmm, BTW, that board you picked wants 1066RAM A few more bucks, but worth it.

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