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    Hello, I was wondering where, if possible, i can finance a professional camcorder, such as one used to shoot documentaries. It will be at least a $1,500 camcorder. I was wondering where I could finance one of these. Problem is im only 19 and I dont have a credit or debit card. just a savings account, and cash. also, if that not possible, where could i rent one for like a week/month at a time? thanx for the help

    Your bank or credit union may be of help here, or go through the work of researching and making a business plan then apply for a small business loan. Here is what I would do, however: Really take the time to learn what makes a camera $300, $2000, or $10,000. Look for a camera based on need. What do you want to document, what is your end audience. The reason I say this is $1500 is kind of in the middle of a big dead zone. You can start to get real HDV (not to be confused with the consumer HD format, which is crap) at about $1000 with cameras like the Canon VIXIA HV40, but because of its more "consumer" appearance and size, it may not be appreciated by paying clients who tend to expect something along the lines of the larger Canon XH A1S at $4000. There is some hope. Between the consumer HD crap, and the dream camera shooting real HDV is good old standard def MiniDv camcorders like the Canon XL and GL series. And because of consumer ignorance and laziness these can be found on the internet auction sites for under $1000 for the XL and under $800 for the GL-2 with the GL-1 even going under $500 now. These standard format cameras exceed broadcast spec, exceed DVD spec, and can be up-converted to HD with less effective compression than footage shot in native HD. Back on the business side, in case you haven't considered other costs, the camera is the cheap part of the whole production. Software can easily run $2000 or more (If you are a student, get as much Adobe as you can afford!). And your editing computer will start around $1700 if you have the ability to build it yourself. Truthfully, I don't know what I would do if I did not have a camera and wanted to start with $1500. I am really interested in the HV40 as an ADDITION to my collection, and it may be a great camera for what you need. For me, the GL carries a lot of clout, people recognize it as a professional tool, not a casual toy. And I lean toward the GL-2 for anyone starting out with limited resources. I've used Canon examples and am clearly a Canon fan, but JVC, Sony, Panasonic all make similar cameras that are at least equals. Learn the formats, watch the used market, plan your needs AFTER getting the shots, and most of all, Have fun! Good luck.

    You can consider Canon VIXIA HF S20 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder - 2010 MODEL Records up to 12 hours of crisp high definition video to a 32GB internal flash drive or directly to two removable New Jersey memory cards Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens Canon 1/2.6" 8.59-Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor captures video at 1920 x 1080 resolution Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor Dynamic SuperRange OIS corrects a full range of motion

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