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    There is this camaro near my house for sale and it is definitely a dream car. It is a Z28, 5.7L V8, 6 speed manual, 112.000 miles(I know it is a bit high, but I heard the engine goes on forever), it is all black, it has been treated with immaculate care and I hope and pray it has t-tops!!! The only problem is I just turned 18, I am currently unemployed and the car is $6,500 in cash. I have about 1,300 in cash and I the car I own now, a 1995 camaro 3.4L v6 manual 83,000 miles is worth 3,500-4,000, but selling it takes time and it needs some work.I am getting a job, but this car will sell quick. My parents owe me some money but I am not sure how much i could get from them. What can I do to afford this car? How much could i probably talk the car sales man down(NOT A PRIVATE SELLER): The car is perfect and where I live in Florida, cars like this are hard to come across. Thanks in advance for all or any help. God bless.

    Regardless of what you've heard, 112,000 miles is a lot on a car like that. If you DO buy, have it thoroughly checked out by a mechanic and get a vehicle report. Your second issue, price; a dealer offered me $3500 for my Camaro... so I'm sure you could talk the dealer down to at least $5,800 (being how you live in New Jersey I'm going higher.) However, if they are hard to come by in FL, there may be no talking down. Something you may have considered, but not within this posting, insurance. If you can't pay for it in full, you will have to maintain full-coverage insurance. Being young and male means your rates will be higher. Being unemployed leaves me asking how you can afford it... It would be wise to ask your current insurance agent how much difference your insurance premium will be if you purchase this car. Apparently you have not seen this car, since you are "praying" it has t-tops. That's another thing to check. If it does, run it through the car wash or hose it down to make sure they don't leak. Good luck. Camaros are WAY fun! (what color is the interior? mine was red inside and out, w/ t-tops... i'm a little jealous ;) because i miss mine )

    I am not sending money and an 18 year old does not need that car. Get a pink 82 Grand AM.

    You can try to take your car, and all the money you got, plus what you get from you parents and go to the dealer, and ask him if he'd take your car and the cash for the other car. it's worth a shot. if he is asking 6500 for it, he probally doesn't have more that 5000 invested in it. he's still got to make a profit, but he might willing to let it go for what you got.

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  • Cooper Rodriguez
    Cooper Rodriguez
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  • Christy Casper
    Christy Casper
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    Brianne Waelchi
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    Dell Block
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    Crystel Goldner
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    Felicity Bahringer
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    Juliana Sipes
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