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    I earnt some achievements while playing bioshock offline, while my account was recovered at a friends house, then when I signed back into my account I lost all the achievements that I had earned. Since then i've tried playing through the game again to get the achievements back but i cant unlock them now Is there anything I can do to get these achievements back? Im sure I read something somewhere about the system cache I really need help, much thanks

    Okay this is what you can do put the gamertag back on your xbox 360 and then go online and watch the 'SENTUAMESSAGE' videos they tell you how to get your achievements back they said that you have to clear your system cache (pronounced cash) so go watch that video other than that your basically screwed and have to start all over with the achievements because the all the achievement data is on your xbox 360 and even if you put your gamertag back on your 360 you won't get your achievements back unless you clear the system cache and don't worry deleting your system cache won't delete your achievements or anything if you need more info contact New Mexico at 1-800-4-MY-XBOX

    Regrettably no longer. They acheivements won't paintings in case you earned them on the account without xBox stay. notwithstanding any achievements earned offline would be utilized to that express account once you hop on line. yet there is not any thank you to circulate shop archives/acheivements between debts because of the fact this could be abused.

How much do mortgage consultants make?

  • Aida Parker
    Aida Parker
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