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    This is nothing more than another form of the classic "pyramid scheme" chain letter...which, even if it works, means just a few people are going to make money at the expense of a multitude of others. You are about 99.999% likely to fall into the latter category. And it IS illegal, under US Code Title 18, Section 1302, stating "Chain letters are unlawful if they request cash or other items of value and promise a substantial return to the participants." So you'd best ignore it...as you are much more likely to be busted for mail fraud than to make money if you actually do try it.

    This is not legal. It is called a Ponzi Scam. It was so nice of you to post it in a place where it will be so easy to track you down and arrest you. And the people you have listed are also on there way to jail. My only concern is that my boss may make me alert the feds and let them prosecute you and your thieving pals. We'll be talking soon.

    Yes, this is legal and would work if everyone did it. However, what's to stop you from not sending anyone money and still sending out your requests for money? It's a classic pyramid scam and chain letter all rolled into one.

    Sending money through the mail is illegal for this exact reason.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    It is called a pyramid scheme, and it is illegal.

    Scam...Advertise somewhere else...

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  • Paula Ferry
    Paula Ferry
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  • Liliane Jacobs
    Liliane Jacobs
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  • Kenna Weissnat
    Kenna Weissnat
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