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    PS. They've had plenty of time to PLAN and prepare for this move {you know--work and save $$$} for several months now. It's like she gets either lazy or worn out, and he drinks 1/4-1/3 of their $ away. I'm scared to buy a house someday, in fear she acts all desperate [on purpose] and then sees my security and stable home in a big house, and then puts me in this terrible position and asks me if she can permanently live w/me! I could see her doing this to me someday. And we've a lot of money for a house, but I"m way too scared to buy one.

    Ok, my Mother is 65, fairly energetic,and has always worked. She's married to an alcoholic who doesn't work but gets disability because he can hardly walk due to a work injury YEARS ago. The point IS, she has ALWAYS asked me for $ to borrow,which she always pays back. She's a nurse. She did private duty for awhile, then her patient passed away way back in Feb. She chose not to work in a nursing home like previous yrs., "because she didn't like it." She did PT work since Feb. but still chose NOT to work FT. They've known for several months now they WANTED to move to another location. They "may" have this house to rent if it all goes through, this Wed. But by the end of Aug. they have to move from where they are now. TODAY, after I lent her 200$ to get their vehicle repaired. She told me her husband {drunk of course} asked MY husband over the phone that my Mother needed a place to live for a month. {I guess her husband already has a place until they get their cash ready for this house} Their original plans were to stay at a motel for a month. NOW THEIR ASKING US!!!!!! I DON'T WANT HER HERE!! It's TINY in our apt. ---it will only stress my husband out! Should I send her to a shelter? HELP!!!! I HATE MY FAMILY MEMBERS behavior! ALL OF THEM!!!! My ENTIRE FAMILY ARE DYSFUNCTIONAL HUMAN BEINGS! what would u do??? all my family members *try* and take advantage of me ! I've always had to be on guard and protect myself, it really sux.

    You are in a very difficult situation here. DO NOT LET THEM MOVE New Mexico WITH YOU. The excuse you can give is that your lease does not allow it. (They sound like immature adults to me that need to learn to take responsibility for themselves. If you let them in, then you are enabling their drinking, etc.) Also they will NEVER LEAVE. There are residence motels with kitchens in them. Your mother and her husband CAN afford these. They go for about 800-900 dollars a month with everything included; these are prices in Central California and in Northern Washington State. (See below.) You may need to negotiate the prices with the hotel owner because they always try to get the most money possible. From the incomes you gave me I know for sure they can afford this kind of motel. They save money because there is a kitchenette and they can cook all their meals on it. The alcoholic will have to pay the rent first and buy any food they need. Good luck. Tough love is real love.

    She is your mother for God's sake! You said yourself that whenever she borrowed from you she always paid you back. Most of us come from dysfunctional families, you're not the only one. Think of what she must be going through and the fact that you're the only one in the family that she can count on. Give her the sofa and make her as comfortable as possible. It's only for a month, try to make the best of it and remember, what goes around comes around!

    I took in my mom and brother and it was hard on my husband, we had a two bedroom though. they stayed over two months it was supposed to be two weeks!!! it was pretty tough. eventually they went to my sisters then into a shelter. i would do it again though, although i don't think my husband would agree! so i guess to answer vyour question i would take her in, set a limit and stick to it. it will probably be difficult but you'll get through it and later you won't regret that you didn't help when you could have. good luck!!!

    Do what you can live with the rest of your life, No one likes to be taken advantage of, so do what's best for your husband & you.

    I would not allow it. I would just assume that the situation would go from bad to worse.

    Tell your mom she can, alone.

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