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    There is no law that states that we "MUST" pay them...and the "fact" that when we do pay our taxes, they go to service programs...fraud....the money from income taxes goes to pay off the interest from the money the federal reserve loans us, and into the pockets of those international bankers......not ONE CENT goes to government programs. (Former Dept of Treas intern for the IRS)

    I have a business return and yea you bet i filed mine already people, dont be silly i dont want an irs agent after me, i want to be that irs agent after all of you. ......non of the money we pay in taxes goes to federal programs....it goes to pay off the interest from the money that is loaned to us by the Federal Reserve (which is a PRIVATE banking institution and about as federal as federal express) and into the pockets of international bankers....there really is no law that says you MUST pay your taxes.....I have asked and discussed this over with congress and IRS advisors in DC....you think I am wrong I challenge you to find me a law that states we must pay our taxes. PS. if you haven't filed your taxes yet dont sweat it, your deadline is not April 15, unless you OWE taxes...and if you dont want to file because you dont think you should, you might be denying yourself from that stimulus (inflationary payment) check

    There is a law concerning income taxes and it can be found in Title 26 of the U.S. Code. You can read it at or at is the law and the courts have consistently upheld it to be the law, so don't try they "U.S. Code is not law" argument. Re: Federal Reserve I see someone thinks they can get a better education from Internet conspiracy videos instead of actually going to school. Let's start with some FACTS. The Federal Reserve does not loan money to the U.S. Government. The U.S. Government borrows money by issuing Treasury securities. These are T-Bills, T-Notes and T-Bonds. These securities are sold at auction where anyone can buy these securities, even you. In fact, I have loaned money to the U.S. Government. Now, the U.S. Government will not redeem a security until it reaches it's maturity date. If a person wishes to trade their Treasury security for cash, they do this on the open market. The open market is where the Federal Reserve gets the Treasury securities it holds. Currently, the Federal Reserve only holds about $900 billion in Treasury securities. In 2006, the Federal Reserve held about $800 billion in Treasury securities. It collected about $36.5 billion in interest on those securities. However, New York REQUIRED BY LAW, the Federal Reserve returned excess earnings to the U.S. Treasury. In 2006, the Federal Reserve returned $29.1 billion. This can clearly be seen on the INDEPENDENTLY AUDITED financial statements of the Federal Reserve which are a part of the Federal Reserve's Annual Report to Congress. I bet you saw in that movie that the Federal Reserve had never been audited. Re: All income taxes go to pay the interest on the debt. Let's look at some facts. In 2007, the IRS collected approximately $1.16 trillion in individual income taxes alone. That is the collected amount, not what was owed. In 2007, the interest on the debt was approximately $430 billion. All of the above are simple facts that anyone can look up. So, are you going to believe simple verifiable facts or are you going to believe an Internet conspiracy video that doesn't contain a single shred of truth?

    And just where do you get the idea that there is no law? If that's what you think, then please explain what Title 26 of the US Code is -- all 64,000 odd pages of it! If you interned with Treasury at the IRS and came away with the opinion that there was no law, I REALLY want some of that ganja you were tokin' on, Man! That must be some AWESOME SH!T! (But it doesn't change the fact that there IS a law and that Title 26 is it.) Edit: Whoops! Someone's been watching Zeitgeist again! Quick, call Michal Moore! The only antidote for that is more of the same form the other side of the aisle!

    Don't believe the urban legends. Pay your taxes. The Constitution states that the government through IRS can collect taxes. The IRS sets rules on who pays, how much, and how. Sorry dude, but you just have to pay 'em.

    "every citizen is required by law to file for taxes regardless if they owe taxes or not" No, they are not. If someone does not owe taxes then they do not have to file. That's why there has been a push by the government to get those who didn't owe to file this year--because if you don't file, you aren't eligable for the rebate from the economic stimulus package.

    If there is no law that says we must pay how do they prosecute people who don't pay. I know several people repaying old IRS debt now. I suppose you prefer to eliminate the federal income tax and adopt th rossperot 25% sales tax?

    Do we really need to pay income taxes? Only if you don't want the IRS coming after you.

    Hmm, I don't think not paying such a great idea, but go ahead and try. By the way, labeling yourself as a 'former intern' makes ya look kinda bad for asking this question on here.

    · THINGS I DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL I SAW THEM ON THE INTERNET: Nobody ever really landed on the moon - it was a giant hoax. What you saw on TV was filmed in Utah. Elvis is still alive, and performing marriage ceremonies in Las Vegas. It is unconstitutional for the government to tax your wages (income tax), the 16th amendment was never ratified, and most of what we think of as income isn't really income anyway. Excuse me now....I just won 2 million pounds in the online UK lottery when my email was randomly selected, and I have to go answer the email..... ;-}

    Let there be no doubt about it...governments can only exist through a certain level of coercion. If you refuse to pay, they will either take it by seizing assets, or simply make your life hell until you pay up.

    Nope, you don't have to pay. But don't worry, the IRS will come and get what they want, plus a little bit more.

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  • Rebeka Balistreri
    Rebeka Balistreri
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    Dulce Grant
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