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    Me and my 4 month old daughter are living at my parents house. The conditions are not good. My father smokes in the house, and it is constant fighting and hostility. Her father and I want to live together, but he is now living half an hour away, at his friends house, where his friend sells drugs out of the house. I can't live there, and neither of us want to stay at my house, it is not good to raise a child. We have applied for housing, but apparently, we are not in an emergency situation, and it is a 1-2 year wait. Neither of us can afford the rent out here, which is about 800 for a studio apartment. Now it is the issue where he is needing to pay child support because we don't live together. I don't know where to go, but I know it needs to be somewhere soon.

    I am currently not working, I receive cash benefits for me and my daughter. It is not nearly enough to live on, but if I got a job, I'd lose all of it. There is no one I can stay with because I lost all of my friends when I had a child, they are not good people, and my family... let's just say I'm a black sheep. I dream of going to school and getting a job, but until me and my boyfriend live together, there will be no one to watch Lilly.

    Sounds like you should have kept your thighs closed. Isn't it fun being grown up? Aren't you happy that you rushed into it headlong? We reap what we sow. I guess that you weren't as mature as you thought you were, when you decided to have sex. Pity poor Lilly, what kind of life have you brought her into?

    Is there any way that you can stay with a friend for a little bit? Are you working at all? Or do you stay home to watch your child? Do you have someone you can trust to watch your child while you work? I don't know what state you live in but in Ohio we have Jobs and Family Services, but they are able to help people like you so it's something to look into. I know that you have been put on the wait list for housing but because you have a child you should be bumped up on that list. Because you and the dad are living apart one thing you can look into are half way houses New York houses specifically for women and their kids, it's worth looking into until you are able to get on your feet and find something better. Churches are another option-not sure if you go to one or not, but several have programs out there to help, it's just a matter of researching and seeing what is out there. Or last option is to move completely from where you guys live now. See if your boyfriend can find work elsewhere, have him go there first, get a job and a place to live and then you can move and join him. But nothing is going to instantly solve your problem, anything you do do is going to take time.

    Well get use to this lifestyle since you're going to be living this way for a long time. This is what happens when you start having kids when you can't even afford to take care of yourself. No clue why you are getting mad at the way your father is acting, I'm sure he's pissed that you through your life away and also brought a child into this word you can't even take care of, I would be pissed as a parent as well.

Credit score question?

  • Eladio Nicolas
    Eladio Nicolas
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  • Kaylee Kris
    Kaylee Kris
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  • Raleigh Bechtelar
    Raleigh Bechtelar
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  • Penelope Grant
    Penelope Grant
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  • Madalyn Kassulke
    Madalyn Kassulke
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  • Elena Casper
    Elena Casper
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  • Maritza Labadie
    Maritza Labadie
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  • Miles Tillman
    Miles Tillman
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  • Dominique Glover
    Dominique Glover
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