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    I'm going to head to Las Vegas later in October and have some questions. I heard that casinos report transactions for $10,000 at once or per a day and I have some questions. A. I plan to make some sports bets and play table games while I'm there and want to know this information before i get there. I don't plan to bet big because all I'm bringing is about $2000 with me. Well i might bet big if i win a lot and get on a winning streak My question is if a person makes a $3000 wager at one of the vegas casinos on a football game, is there a transaction report filed? People say that if you don't cashout $10,000 at once, no information is taken down. They say if you risk $5,500 to win $5,000 and win in a sportsbook then yes they would take down your information because you would be cashing out $10,500. But if you risk $4,400 to win $4,000 and win, no information is ever taken because the total amount cashed out is $8,800. Is this true? Because i find this doesn't make any sense. B. The thing that got me confused about this is because when i go to Atlantic City, i recalled seeing a message at the cashier saying if you cashout more than $3,000, they take down information. Well if that is the case, then isn't the sportsbooks in Las Vegas going to require id/casino card if you cash even a $1650 to win $1500 sportsbetting ticket since its over $3000? And do sportsbook require you to show a casino card/Id if you were to make any type of wagers even if its a $50 wager or only if you are betting a big amount? I know about those slot machines where if you win $600 at once or x the amount, they file you a w2g or so but i don't play slot machines. C. And for table games, if i buyin for $1500 and get lucky and win $2000. Then i go cashout for $3500 at the cashier. Would i get asked for my casino card/id because its over $3000? I know some people say the best thing to do is cashout a little at a time but I know that is illegal and is called structuring so i will not be doing any of this as it can cause trouble but i do want to know if a transaction report will be put on me. D. And how do they record you for table games? I know in games like roulette, you don't even need to show casino card to buy chips as you can't even get rated. So even if you put a $5000 wager on red and win, i'm pretty sure they won't note you for that right? But when you play games like blackjack, they do when you cashout. So if a person goes and buyin for $2000 at a blackjack table and then wins $4000 and then cashes out for chips, would they be recorded here for $4000 or $6000 on the computers? If that person then decides to do another session later on in the day and buys in for $3000 and then wins another $4000, i assume pit boss would calculate cashing out of $7,000. So wouldn't this mean these 2 sessions of a person buying in for $2,000 and winning $4,000 and then buying in for $3,000 and winning $4,000 create a currency transaction report since it totals $11,000 in a 24 hour period? And does the 24 hour period - is it done within one regular day or is it 24 hours since the first time a report is done on you at the tables. And yes i know i'm getting way ahead of myself as I'm planning to win money there but wanted to know this stuff incase i do win a good amount of money there.

    I'm so glad you added that last paragraph at the end. So now I know you are not completely delusional, just mostly delusional. A. You're only bringing $2K. You won't need to worry about this. If you ever did, you'd ask the casino the answer, and you'd make small bets at more than 1 casino. B. Slot machines = $1,200 or more before you need to worry about filling anything out. At any regular cashier's cage where you cash in tickets, it's anything MORE than $10K. C. 10K+ That's when you'd need to worry. It's not going to happen. Kiss your $2,000 good-bye before you go. D. You are worrying about fantasies. If you ever do get more than 10K in one day, just cash out 8K at a time at various windows. Remember that the next time you are fantasizing about winning at the casinos. Again - kiss your 2K good-bye.

    Currency Transaction Report Rules

    - it does make total sense its just a little tricky, if you know the rules and play by the rules everyone can be happy. the 10,000 dollar threshold is a government rule - FEDS - they monitor money laundering. For whatever reason they deem transactions totaling over 10,000 exchanging hands in a 24 hour period you must file paperwork and submit it to the IRS. you say an amount under 10k doesnt make sense as to why nothing is reported? it makes perfect sense, if it doesnt meet the limit you don't file paperwork! its true if you bet over 2500 or 3000 in a single transaction you might (depending on establishment) be a noted player. You become a person of interest for the casino because you are wagering high compared to most. They are not looking to harass you; you are just a person they may or may not choose to pay attention to. Yes casinos are paranoid about having your players card for all transactions more than a photo Id - YES they are monitored you or keeping track of you. they may ask for an New York - you can refuse. if you refuse to use a players card they can especially at a sports book limit your wagers. This is their right; its private property, nothing you can do! you are mistaken if you make a 1650 dollar wager and it wins they don't think u are winning 3k - you won 1500 there IS a difference. Just like if you bet 5500 you won 5k NOT 10,000 its just in your example 5500 pays out 10,500 you didn't WIN 10k you are just above the 10k threshold if you are cashing out the entire 10,500 and so paperwork must be filed. if you won a bet of 5500 and the payout was 10,500 but you made 2000 in wagers before you left the window. They would only be paying you 8500 in cash and you would NOT have to fill out paperwork! Table games its VERY hard to prove much a player won or loss in a session. player rating is definitely not exact to the dollar. they do not note how much you won or lost in the system, UNLESS you are winning a big amount in a single session. Whatever you win at a table - is separate from cash transactions that may or may not add up to a total of 10,000 dollars in a 24 hour period. There is nothing illegal about keeping casino chips in your pocket and not cashing them in within a 24 hour period of leaving the table!

    I am a ten year professional gambler here in Vegas. 1. The casino I use has a policy of reporting to the IRS any win over $2500. I cannot say that applies to every casino, but I suspect it will be in that region. One thing you might be aware of, some casinos won't take bets more than $1000. The big casinos will. You are not required to show a sports card for any type of bet. I used to show mine because I got comp points for my bets, but they have got rid of the comp points altogether for gamblers of sporting games. The slots and poker I used to play on 10X days for the comp points. But they have virtually got rid of the comp points now in Vegas. I used to make a very nice living off of comp points. No more. I would not play the slots or poker in Vegas, you will only give your money away. Stick to the sports betting. If you want to win with an 80% chance, bet the Money Line.

    For the best answers, search on this site idea of monitoring money is to prevent money laundering of drug money!!! IF you win more than $1599 on a slot you must file a IRS report, which means giving them your social security number. So cashing in you don't do over $1500 any time. It has nothing to do with $10K in a 24 hour period.

    If you wish to learn to get at betting activities then that is your position with Zcodes System. Zcodes System is all about training you how becoming a noise principled sports investor and learning from a team of proven pickers who encompass you. The idea moves that if you surround your self with the positive energy of earning participants in the activities betting business then you definitely too will even emerge on the top yourself.  Zcodes System can be handled as a mastermind for sports lovers to bump heads and increase to profitability together.

    If you want to discover ways to get at betting activities then this is your position with Zcodes System. Zcodes System is about teaching you how to become sound principled sports investor and learning from a group of proven pickers who surround you. The concept goes that should you surround your self with the good energy of earning players in the activities betting market you then also may also emerge at the top yourself.  Zcodes System can be treated as a mastermind for sports fans to push heads and rise to profitability together.

Find the interest paid for 6 months on $1,500 at 3.2% annual interest compounded quaterly.?

  • Kaylin Schmitt
    Kaylin Schmitt
    One only not add come to a payments, on such answer. (other it is to be way wrong... didn't to take note of corresponding residual value on both money. 3.2% , passing / 4 's been one day 3 months rate. => first half is = 2 quarters. fill them this marking to early financial terms calculator. n= number 2 (the of how many periods), i/y = more profitable months ago rate, pv = 1 5 ( the amount of money now you have in view of the loan), fv = ? => meet those challenges => 1,524.096 all right , five hundred = $24.096 either in interest.
  • Wallace Hoeger
    Wallace Hoeger
    E = p(1+r/m)^ (mxn) , either 1 5 ( 1+ 0.032/2) ^ (2 x 1/2) =1524 of interest on = 1524 chuck , 3.00 p.m. is equivalent to 24
  • Verlie Gutkowski
    Verlie Gutkowski
    Concerns of the is 24.10