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    I'm not so convinced that the guy who looked at my car is being that honest. It didn't make sense to me but (this will put women a million years back) I have NO idea about mechanical issues. I'm driving down the freeway and I notice the more I accelerate the louder this clicking noise becomes..then my check engine lights comes on...so I slow down and the noise stops, I speed back up, the noise gets louder-maybe 3 mins have passed then I notice some slight hesitation/jerking, so I decide to pull over...as I'm pulling over the damn thing starts smoking (light gray) from under the hood and the all the lights come on like my battery is dead but the car hasn't shut off, rather it slowed down til it cut off...it literally had a slow death...the car continued to smoke and the radio, lights, horn, etc still work but the car won't turn over or start....it was the

    Ok guys sounds like my car is toast. Now I have another issue-what to do with the car...it's a 93 Lexus New York 300, the estimate on repairs was about $1,800 but that's about all I have to spend on getting a cash car til I save some real money...Which makes more sense-go ahead with repairs or use that money to get another car? That's all I have to spare.

    Sounds like a rod knock. Or the engine seized up from lack of oil or coolant. It could use a new engine or rebuilt engine. I would get a few more opinions.

    Could be you seized the engine, unfortunately the mechanic is likely to be right. Edit: if the car is in good shape other than the engine go ahead and repair it, there is not much you can get for $1800 at least this way you know what you have, take a look at the tires, brakes, etc with your mechanic and make your decision.

    From your description it is hard for me to believe that the repairs would cost $1800. But if that is true, then look at it this way: If a replacement car would would have $300 - $400 dollars monthly payments you would break even in 6 to 4.5 months. Every month after that is a bonus.

    Hon your car is R.I.P.... sorry to say that. Gray/White Smoke is most likely water vapor, an indication of cracked cylinder head, blown gasket even a busted whatever inside the engine. A proper tear down will tell the story better. Just by what you wrote... Your Datsun is done for.

    Sounds like the car overheated to its death. More than likely you destroyed the engine and repairs would cost more than a new engine. Tough luck. **** Definitely repair it because the cost to repair would not exceed the value of the car. If the opposite was the situation and the car was considered "totaled" then it would be wise to move on.

    Usually the noise of the clicking noise relating to what you have stated is you had improper lubrication due to water mixed in oil from a blown head gasket. What you did is washed out the bearings. I bet it won`t even turn over now. Pull the oil dipstick out ,the oil should be milky color. This called " learning curve"

    It is possible that the engine has seized up. the light gray smoke could have been oil or from something electrical. i suggest that you get a second mechianic to look at it. if you have a mechianic that you use all the time and trust take it to him. if you don't ask your friends about their mechianics

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    Caden Kassulke
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