1 000 installment loan with bad credit in North Carolina

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Payday Loan in North Carolina

    *PLEASE NO LOAN SCAM SPAM* I want to purchase in Albany, North Carolina and then rent to my son. I owe $35k on a $200k home ($575/mo) & I owe $15k on my 5th wheel trailer ($250/mo). I make total $3200/mo from my pension and SS income. I am 68, $20k in bank, $50k in CD accounts, and my credit score is 800. The homes we are interested in are a manufactured home for $50k or a duplex for ~$80k. I want to purchase with less than 20% down so I can avoid removing very much money from any of my accounts. Thank You For Your Assistance!

    Don't purchase the manufactured home because it is depreciating. Purchase the duplex because it should be an appreciating asset. Hopefully in 10 years you would have a nice profit and also have a good tax deduction. If you purchased the duplex and lived in one of the units you could purchase it with only 3.5% down on a FHA loan and rent out the other unit to your son...or anyone else. FHA considers a 1-4 unit property "owner-occuptied" if the owner lives in one of the units, thus a much lower down payment requirement.

    You can qualify for a 2nd home at 20% down. That's the min. Keep in mind this second home must be more than 50 miles away from your current home. If not, then this is an investment home and will require 25% down. Based on your income and debts provided you qualify for a mortgage payment (including taxes and insurance) of $775/ month. I haven't been able to find a lender that will do a mortgage for a manufactured home I think they did away with these during the recession.

    Personally, I would refi the house you owe 35k on and pull the 50k from there. Why? You'll get a much lower rate on a loan for a house that is owner occupied.

    You can't purchase an investment home for less than 20% down. Just doesn't happen any more. That said, you have massive equity in YOUR home, for which you could take a low rate loan.

    25% is the bare minimum on an investment property.

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    Chester Moore
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    Willy Senger
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    Meta Brown
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    Joshuah Cormier
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