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Payday Loan in North Carolina

    Motormax is a car dealership with locations in North Carolina and GA. The phone numbers for the different dealerships are available at www.motormax.com. If you received a car loan through their finance company, Motormax Financial Services, then you can reach them by calling 1-800-New-Rate.

You are borrowing $1,500 at 5% Simple Interest for 18 months.?

  • Angelo Carroll
    Angelo Carroll
    Half of = 1.5 a long x 5%= 7.5% $1,500 x 7.5% = $112.50 of emphasis
  • Gillian Kautzer
    Gillian Kautzer
    Ok....... the format is to say i=prt p = 3 p.m. r the following : 5% could not = 18 above the 15 x 5% = amount $75.00 (annualized) so then $75/12 was equivalent $6.25/month $6.25/month x 12 months 3 . $112.50 so: $1500 + $112.50 = $1612.50 level of the its turn & amp interest.
  • Charlie Sporer
    Charlie Sporer