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    We don't have enough information to give you a good answer. There are 2 pieces of data needed to really refine this answer. 1. Down payment amount 2. Location. Here's why those pieces of data are so important... A full housing payment generally consists of 4 or 5 parts and is referred to as PITI. This stands for principal, interest, taxes and insurance. Principal and interest payments are generally what are quoted from banks or calculators. In this case, after the $30,000 down payment the loan amount would be $120,000 and at today's low interest rates, the principal and interest payment (PI of PITI) would be about $539 a month over 30 years. The T (of PITI) is property taxes that (nationwide) average 1.5% of value per year (BE CAREFUL HERE! I have personally seen anywhere from 0.5% per year to 4% per year). So assuming your house is valued at $150,000 you'll pay about $2250 per year in property taxes which is another $187.50 a month. The final part of PITI is insurance. With less than 20% down, you'll have 2 kinds to pay. Homeowner's insurance and Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). Homeowner's insurance should be ~$500 per year (unless in hurricane country and then multiply by 5). That's another $42 a month. Private mortgage insurance could easily add another $100 a month to your payment (not to mention a higher P&I payment because you've borrowed more). So the total payment with a 20% downpayment is PITI - $539 + $187.50 + $42 = ~$768.50 a month with 20% down and living in an area that does not have high homeowner's insurance or taxes (think midwest). Your total payment with an FHA loan (3.5% down), living in coastal North Carolina or North Carolina could be $660 (P&I) + $437.50 (taxes) + $250 (homeowner's insurance) + $100 (PMI) = $1447.50. So, the answer to those two questions are important!! good luck!

    Roughly $850-900....not counting property taxes or homeowner's insurance. Assuming a 30 year loan.

    Depends on if 30 or 15 yrs. google a mortgage calculator. 15 yr may find u at 1300 for P& I only

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