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    Ok I have a small $1,800 loan that I got when I bought my house 5% is the rate I am paying $100 a month. Next I just bought some furniture $2,300 0% for 33 months so about $66 a month. Next I had to fix some things on my house I used my credit card $4,200 0% for 8 months. Next I have about $1,800 that I am playing with stocks I am up about $175 in one month. This is what I want to know what should I pay with this money, and when? Should I keep investing til the end of the 8 months and pay it on the $4,200 or what. It is also possible for me to keep investing and leave the money in there and just pay these bills off myself monthly.

    The 0% loans are cheap money. Pay them as slowly as you can until the introductory terms expire. Make sure you pay them off completely a month or so before the introductory rate expires just to make sure they don't bite you in the rear end. 8 months is really a short time period to call it "investing." The markets are too volatile now. I would pay the 5% loan off. That's a guaranteed 5%. A pretty good rate of return in today's world. Something to think about, if you made 5% investing, you'd have to pay normal income taxes on it. So really you'd have to make 6.5% investing just to break even on that. But for the rest, I'd put whatever money you have in an online savings account like at Ing Direct or Emigrant Direct, and earn interest until it's time to pay those off.

    There's a trick lenders use with that 0% stuff. They add a clause in the contract that allows them to charge you the X months (X = the amount of 0% months you had) of interest (normally at least %20) if the amount is not paid off by the X month. In case this is not clear: $1000 loan > 10 months 0% interest 11th month rolls around and loan is not paid off. Loan now equals $1000 X the %20 interest compound over 10 months. So, if you plan to hold onto your investments until your first 0% loan is due, make sure you pull the investment and pay the loan before the end of the month. If you do not have all the money to pay the loan off when it comes due, see about a Line Of Credit from your bank, they are normally only about %10 interest, which is a heck of a lot better than any credit card North Carolina "0% loan".

    Lots of moving parts here. The first question is do you plan on using the stock money to pay down debts or is this a long term investment? If that money is earmarked for debt repayment, you should pull it out of the market now as 8 months is too short a term to park money in the stock market that you will need later. Then what do you pay off first. Keep in mind that the furniture debt is only 0% if it is paid off in full 33 months down the road. If you are one day late with paying it off entirely they will back bill you for interest during the entire time of the loan. For that reason, I suggest you pay that off one month early in case there are any screw ups or you find yourself in a place where you can't pay. The credit card debt will not begin to accrue until the 8 months pass. But be sure you put yourself in position to pay that off as that will have an interest rate of at least 18% attached to it. Pay off the 5% loan first as that's the only one that has interest attached to it now. Also your house is collateral for that loan. Again, if that $1,800 in the stock market is earmarked to pay off any loans, take it out now. The market may crash. Especially if a Deomcrat gets elected President and follows through on their promise to increase capital gains taxes as that will have a very chilling effect on the stock market.

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