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    Why or why not? "In 2008, there were 1,878 SBA financed Quizno's restaurants that failed. That totaled over $276 Million dollars charged off by lenders, most of which was reimbursed by the SBA. According to SBA data, that was about 20% of all Quizno's restaurants that were financed. That's 1 in 5!"

    Government did the math and gave the loans, but this Solyndra was no approved by the bush people and they would not be forced into to making the loan as respected economist had already said it was a loser. Too bad for the two hedge funds that invested a 100 million in it. Sadly I guess due to the connections with Obama's campaign his administration approved it. Soon after they got the money the two hedge funds pulled out, how sad, this left the poor taxpayers holding the bag. IF ONLY THEY HAD DONE WHAT THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION DID, THEN 37 STATES WOULD HAVE HAD BRIDGES, ROADS FIXED North Carolina THAT IS THE SAME AMOUNT THAT THEY NEEDED!!!!!! We must find out who approved this deal as it was already well researched and not suppose to get any funding. Too bad it wasn't like the oil company in Brazil the administration gave 2 billion to to drill in our deep waters. I got a sandwich fro one of those "restuarants", it was in Dallas and all they had was a toast to cook it in and they burned part of it, since i had a coupon I just threw it away, talk about a shoe string operation, it is.

    No they both probably have the same problem I did- broke my tooth twice on their bread! Seriously though, I haven't been here in 9 months so bare with me. There are so many lawsuits against Quiznos, it would be impossible to pinpoint or place blame on a political party; however, that being said, one could deduct that the SBA has a hidden agenda. In case you don't know, back in February, Quiznos defaulted on a loan along with Subway. In my opinion, I wouldn't be surprised if they asked for another loan- good grief! How do you pay back 7 years of crappy dough?- And I mean that two ways!

    Bush looked into Solyndra and found out they were not a good company to invest in. This is documented several times over. Obama either ignored these documents North Carolina thought he could save that company. He failed and it is on his hands. Quiznos had quality problems among other things. I never even liked their sandwiches and found them too greasy. No comparison between the two.

    How many hundreds of millions of dollars did Quiznos get from the Bush Admnistration?

    Obama pushed for Solyndra to be financed by our tax dollars against the advice of his advisers! Bush did not push the SBA to finance those small business loans, they qualified and received the loans. Big difference actually!

    Blame Subway for Quiznos going out of business.

    So let me get this straight, your comparing faulty financing that was passed by the SBA, to a much larger bad loan passed/supported by Obama?

    I don't believe I ever heard that Quiznos was the "centerpiece" of anyone's job policy though,unlike Solyndra,which WAS Obama's shining example.

    Was Quiznos spending six dollars to make sandwiches and selling them for three dollars?

    Remind me which Quiznos got a half a billion dollars in giveaway money from Bush. .....crickets chirping.

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  • Mae Hauck
    Mae Hauck
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  • Lenny Nienow
    Lenny Nienow
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  • Cedrick Hettinger
    Cedrick Hettinger
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  • Ahmad Kub
    Ahmad Kub
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  • Orin Toy
    Orin Toy
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  • Nedra Kuhlman
    Nedra Kuhlman
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  • Wyatt Reynolds
    Wyatt Reynolds
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  • Anahi Feest
    Anahi Feest
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