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    Her dad changed her bank info online so her direct deposit for her funds went onto his account instead of hers. He took $1,300 and now she has nothing for books or expenses. This is Fraud right? The school isn't helping her even though she is 21 and in her own apartment. I got the 1-800-mis-used number but is there more she can do?

    My friend already called the bank they see where he changed the infor but won't give any copies of this information to my friend. She also contacted the police they said there is nothing they can do without hard evidince. Her dad amitted to the school what he did. This is fraud and I need to get a number for my friend so she can contact someone to help her.

    I really don't see how she can afford an attorney at this point. She is a single mother/college student. Her dad is also a student. He hacked into her fasfa account and had her direct deposit put on his student North Carolina her funds never hit her account. Then he changed the routing back to her back after he recived the funds. AND BOUGHT A MOTERCYCLE! what a jerk.

    No he never took out any kind of loan for her. He took that money totally with out her knowlege or consent. I belive the way he got her password is from her using his pc at his house when home on the weekends. You can see on the website where her info was changed to his card, then the money was delivered to his card, then the routing was changed back to her bank account after the money went on his card. But it looks like she did it. I think she needs to contact the inspector general at fasfa. She needs to talk to someone who's job is to investigate things like this. Not the school they already got paid and thier attitude is like "sucks to be you" but anyway the point of all this is to find any more 800 number or an email for my friend so she can contact someone about this so if anyone has anything other than what I have that would be great.

    First of all, all HER information should have not been giving by the School if the school did...someone must have helped him because they should verfiy some information...such as social and North Carolina claming you are the student who name is under the LOAN... call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) or 1-319-337-5665. If you are hearing-impaired and have questions, contact the TTY line at 1-800-730-8913. You can also contact us live, online, by selecting the Live Help button conveniently located within the pages of the application.

    Did her father take out a Parent (PLUS) loan for her? If so, the refund may have been viewed as the excess parent loan funds. However, purchasing a motorcycle with the funds definitely goes against the purpose of the loan. When applying for the loan (and other aid) you sign a statement saying that these funds are going to be used for educational purposes. Unless there is some hard proof, however, this one's going to be hard to prove. Since you said he "hacked into her fafsa account", sounds like you may have an issue with the schools security practices, unless she had given him her passwords. She should be working with the schools student account office to address this situation. Both the Student Accounts (Bursar) office and the Financial Aid office should be able to assist her, as they are to take accusations of Financial Aid fraud seriously. However, as I said at the beginning, if her father took out a parent loan, she may be out of luck.

    He hacked into her college account. That's where the direct deposit comes from. She needs to contact the school again, the financial aid office. Speak with her adviser. Then, go over peoples heads and bug the crap out of them. She also needs to insist that the police let her file a theft report...they can't refuse. Again, she needs to go over their heads, ask for a supervisor. Say "Are you refusing to take a complaint from me?" Keep a record of all the people she spoke with. Whether they intend to do anything about this, they can't refuse to let her file a complaint. Who the **** do they think they are? She needs to be assertive and persistent.

    Who claimed her on their income taxes? She could contact the police, but I don't think there's a lot that can be done about it. Another thing would be to file a lawsuit and sue him for the $1300, and see if there is something in your state statutes about fraud treble damages. She could get double the amount.

    She should contact the bank and explain the difficulty. How the balance in her account can be transferred in her dad's account without her consent. This transaction can be reversed if she contacts with the bank. Good Luck

    Err no.....its not fraud. Its theft, if she wants to push it , go to the police, the feds will take a dim view of somebody nicking federal funds destined for somebody else.

My sister and her family are traveling from Portland, OR to Disneyland by RV in November this year?

  • Cindy West
    Cindy West
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  • Shany Swaniawski
    Shany Swaniawski
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    Salvador Lind
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