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    I loaned my brother $2,800 two and a half years ago. When I gave him the money, there were no strict terms to the loan. We never signed a contract. I told him that he should repay it when he could. Since the time I loaned him the money, my financial situation has dramatically changed and I am now in serious need of the money. At this point, I have not been able to pay rent or bills in two months. I am being slammed with fee's from my bank and creditors for overdrafts and non-payment. I have been asking my brother for repayment for about a year now and he has not claimed that he was unable to repay me. Two months ago he began repaying me in installments, but this isn't doing any good for me because I keep getting slammed with fees. Do I, as the borrower, have a right to demand that he repay me in full now and risk his falling behind of rent etc? The other alternative that I presented to him, was that he continue with installments, but that I tack on the fees which I am encountering now, onto his bill. Are either of these demands unethical? Here are all the numbers: I loaned him: $2,800.00 He has repaid: $450 Fees that I am encountering now: ~$1,000

    If you take this to court, you GAVE your brother $2,800.00. The fees you mention have NOTHING to do with the money you gave/loaned your brother. You have no legal North Carolina moral grounds to charge him ANY fees. You also have ZERO basis for connecting ANY fees you are incurring to the $2,800.00.


    Although there is no written contract, if you could prove to started to repay you, you should be able to sue him in court. Send him 2 letters, one regular, one certified demanding that he pay the balance within 15 days from today's date. In the future, never lend money to friends or a family member because as you found out, they do not follow the rules.

    Try to get on Judge Judy or one of the other judge shows on TV.

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